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Sorry not sorry, this needed to be done.
Avenue Q/Skyfall crossover, with puppet!Q, puppet!Tanner, puppet!Bond and puppet!Silva. Safe for work, image heavy and references to the musical Avenue Q


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Title: It's just a pose
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Beta: [ profile] recrudescence saves the day! Thank you so much darling!
Rating: NC-17, 80% pure filth, 20% snarky banter
Fandom/Pairing: Skyfall, James Bond/Q
Warnings: Daddy!kink roleplay (which implies incest, underage and dubcon roleplay, but still between consenting adults), breathplay
Summary: "What are you going to call me?"
"'Daddy', I think, if it's all right with you."

Comments: I sort of dared myself to write it, see how dirty I can get. I guess I found the answer to that, and it is: very. Go, me!
The title comes from the song "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald, because I'm tacky like that (sorry!).
Word count: 2 257 w.

Also available on AO3:

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Dec. 1st, 2012 10:38 am
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...anybody up for some 00Q daddy!kink if I ever have the time to write it? °_____°
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What the fuck, sorry, I don't know how to graphics
And I accidentally a second attempt at something of a fanmix
I should get down to work for fuck's sake

So basically I was stuck on R.E.M.'s "Imitation of Life" as Q's character song, and I kind of built a fanmix around that song and the idea of virtuality and computers and the Internet and how the Self is lost in all that and such, they're kind of cliché songs for that particular subject I guess, but I regret nothing (most of the time)


1. Blue Orchid | The White Stripes
2. technologic | Daft Punk
3. Machine | Regina Spektor
4. Be Yourself | Audioslave
5. Imitation of Life | R.E.M.
6. Fitter Happier | Radiohead
7. Love of the Loveless | Eels
8. Virtual Insanity | Jamiroquai

Listen Here:
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You guise, 00Q is a BABY FANDOM.
I was (more or less) there when it was born and now I'm watching it grow with motherly pride. The fans are calling themselves "00Qties" or are hashtagging everything with "#00Qpioneers4satan" (after an inside joke between friends on tumblr apparently) and they're all very cute and enthusiastic and there are more and more fics on AO3 everyday and NOTHING HURTS.

We've discussed it with [ profile] berylia, and the reason we think 00Q is a ship that took off so quickly is that right now almost every major fandom is on hiatus. Most of us fangirls are waiting for season 3 of Sherlock, and Teen Wolf , the next Avengers movie and Iron Man 3, and I don't know where they're up to in Supernatural but I'm guessing it must also be on hiatus since, when I look at the people reblogging 00Q stuff on Tumblr, most of the usernames have to do with the aforementioned fandoms. So Skyfall had in fact the right timing to make us fall in love with the pairing, I don't think it was calculated, but well done, and I hope that they're going to take that into account for the next Bond movie, especially since there are rumours that Mr Cumberbatch might be the next Bond villain (personal wishlist: I hope Benedict plays a highly intelligent criminal mastermind that targets Q himself and then Bond has to save his darling from evil!Benny's clutches, IT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME)

We went to see Skyfall again yesterday, then we watched my DVD of Brideshead Revisited (I LOVED it, it was actually a very good film even though it broke my heart a bit) and now I feel I'm becoming dangerously obsessed with Ben Whishaw, which is really unfair, because I have enough British actors ruining my life already. I learned on Tumblr that Whishaw also played Andrew Scott's gay lover onstage and that fucked me up a bit more and the image in my head alone makes me want to curl up on the floor and start crying.
So at 2 in the morning yesterday I watched interviews of him and completely melted because he's so fucking kawaii and looks so horribly shy and intimidated in front of cameras when he's not acting:

In real life apparently, he's dating Bright Star's music composer Mark Bradshaw AND THEY LOOK REALLY ADORABLE TOGETHER:


I've heard Skyfall opens in the US starting tomorrow, GO SEE IT, American people from my f-list, you need it in your life!
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Graphic Skyfall thing, have at it

Somebody stop me ;____; )
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A quickie (which is a word that begins with the letter Q, teeheehee) because I'm completely swamped and I don't have time for more (I HATE THE STUPID JOB THAT I HAVE TO FINISH NOW, FML).

Fanart of Q, based on a brilliant character study fic by [ profile] paperclipbitch entitled "so you were never a saint", read it, I'm in love with it (the title of this fanart is "King of the Internet", a reference to one of my favourite bits in the fic, the other favourite bit was the one with the cupcake that I tried to draw too but at 3 in the morning it was too complicated)

Fandom: Skyfall
Character: Q
Rating: Gen
Warnings: none
Type: fanart, colour illustration

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Billet Skyfall

So awesome. So awesome.

Today was the day of my birthday *party* (yes because I celebrate my birthday twice in a week that's just how I roll) and we went to see Skyfall in the morning.

Spoilers and other stuffs under the cut )
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And here's a clean version of this here sketch! Not super happy with it but whatever *shrugs*
Still NC-17 and not safe for work, and still Bond/Q porn. Good Sunday to ya'all!

Skyfall is where we start )
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Once upon a time, I swore to [ profile] berylia that I would absolutely NOT go see the new James Bond movie.

"The first one was crap," said I, "the second one was SUPER crap, so I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand here, this stops now do you hear me, there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to see that third one, I'm not STUPID, okay."
"Oh," said the wench in return, "but did you know that the lovely, lovely Ben Whishaw is going to play Bond's new Q wearing hipster glasses and that there's already fic about a Bond/Q pairing, and there's even a name for that ship, it's called "00Q", isn't that cute...?"
"askjfhfsdgfdkulifdkjhsfdhj," said I with foam around my mouth.

So! I haven't even seen the movie yet but I've accepted my fate, and I'm already drawing porn. Sketch, James Bond/Q with Daniel Craig as Bond and Ben Whishaw as Q, NC-17 and not worksafe, it has been inspired by this gif I've found on tumblr (careful, not safe for work either), I'll post a cleaned-up version later.

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