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Cross-posted this on Tumblr, obviously. I know fandom powerpoint presentations are so two years ago but I don’t see enough people going wild for this brilliant show and that makes me sad, so I wanted to spread the word

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You guise, 00Q is a BABY FANDOM.
I was (more or less) there when it was born and now I'm watching it grow with motherly pride. The fans are calling themselves "00Qties" or are hashtagging everything with "#00Qpioneers4satan" (after an inside joke between friends on tumblr apparently) and they're all very cute and enthusiastic and there are more and more fics on AO3 everyday and NOTHING HURTS.

We've discussed it with [ profile] berylia, and the reason we think 00Q is a ship that took off so quickly is that right now almost every major fandom is on hiatus. Most of us fangirls are waiting for season 3 of Sherlock, and Teen Wolf , the next Avengers movie and Iron Man 3, and I don't know where they're up to in Supernatural but I'm guessing it must also be on hiatus since, when I look at the people reblogging 00Q stuff on Tumblr, most of the usernames have to do with the aforementioned fandoms. So Skyfall had in fact the right timing to make us fall in love with the pairing, I don't think it was calculated, but well done, and I hope that they're going to take that into account for the next Bond movie, especially since there are rumours that Mr Cumberbatch might be the next Bond villain (personal wishlist: I hope Benedict plays a highly intelligent criminal mastermind that targets Q himself and then Bond has to save his darling from evil!Benny's clutches, IT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME)

We went to see Skyfall again yesterday, then we watched my DVD of Brideshead Revisited (I LOVED it, it was actually a very good film even though it broke my heart a bit) and now I feel I'm becoming dangerously obsessed with Ben Whishaw, which is really unfair, because I have enough British actors ruining my life already. I learned on Tumblr that Whishaw also played Andrew Scott's gay lover onstage and that fucked me up a bit more and the image in my head alone makes me want to curl up on the floor and start crying.
So at 2 in the morning yesterday I watched interviews of him and completely melted because he's so fucking kawaii and looks so horribly shy and intimidated in front of cameras when he's not acting:

In real life apparently, he's dating Bright Star's music composer Mark Bradshaw AND THEY LOOK REALLY ADORABLE TOGETHER:


I've heard Skyfall opens in the US starting tomorrow, GO SEE IT, American people from my f-list, you need it in your life!
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Billet Skyfall

So awesome. So awesome.

Today was the day of my birthday *party* (yes because I celebrate my birthday twice in a week that's just how I roll) and we went to see Skyfall in the morning.

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Once upon a time, I swore to [ profile] berylia that I would absolutely NOT go see the new James Bond movie.

"The first one was crap," said I, "the second one was SUPER crap, so I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand here, this stops now do you hear me, there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to see that third one, I'm not STUPID, okay."
"Oh," said the wench in return, "but did you know that the lovely, lovely Ben Whishaw is going to play Bond's new Q wearing hipster glasses and that there's already fic about a Bond/Q pairing, and there's even a name for that ship, it's called "00Q", isn't that cute...?"
"askjfhfsdgfdkulifdkjhsfdhj," said I with foam around my mouth.

So! I haven't even seen the movie yet but I've accepted my fate, and I'm already drawing porn. Sketch, James Bond/Q with Daniel Craig as Bond and Ben Whishaw as Q, NC-17 and not worksafe, it has been inspired by this gif I've found on tumblr (careful, not safe for work either), I'll post a cleaned-up version later.

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So apparently the first episode of the third season of Misfits is out; aaaaand I really don't give a fig. I've been so disappointed by the last season that I'd rather not renew the experience. Anyway, I learned just today that Robert Sheehan (a.k.a. Nathan, who isn't in season 3 because Sheehan bailed out after season 2 and I think that was a very smart move for him, well done) was interviewed in march 2011 by InStyle UK; answering the question "who would you give a Bafta to?", Sheehan said:

"Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s like hot chocolate; you watch him and think, ‘You’re actually delicious.’"

I don't even know what it means, but I think it's brilliant. And it smells like mancrush.
It also reminded me of Robert's reaction at the Baftas last year when Benedict showed up on the red carpet beside the Misfits cast:


Also, despite the fact that I swore I wouldn't be caught dead watching Glee again, I ended up watching episode 2 and 3 because of [ profile] berylia and her wife, and... well, they were quite okay. On many accounts, it felt like they hired competent scriptwriters for once, who wisely decided to overrule most of season 2 and went back to season 1's storyline. So, maybe I'll watch the rest. If only because Puck identified what a napoleon was ("Turns out it's not just a dessert, it was also a dude!"). I mean, I know that's supposed to be funny, but actually not many people know that a napoleon is also a dessert. Ergo, it is canon: Puck is interested in cuisine. I really ought to finish that fucking fic.
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My choice of icon isn't really appropriate for what follows, but let's say it's more of a wish than a statement.

Thank you, Jon Stewart, for keeping your head when the rest of the world is going insane.
This comes after one of my cousins who is training to be a pilot told me last night that there are about 10% female pilots in airline companies these days, but when you take the plane, have you ever heard a female voice saying "I'll be your captain today"? That's because if people hear a female voice saying that, they would, apparently, freak out and want to leave the plane. So even if the captain is female, it's the copilot who will make the anouncements on board. If both pilot and copilot are female, well it's one of the stewards who will be in charge of speaking to the travellers, playing the part of the captain.

All of this is quite depressing, so let's have a few minutes of Benedict in powdered wig and silk tights flirting with another man on beautiful music in order to find some solace:

This makes me want to vid, too. Augh. Procrastination, BAD!
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This is the South Korean trailer to Sherlock:

I love you, South Korea. You thought the series weren't gay enough so you went ahead and made a fanvid on national TV.

You're awesome.
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Keep calm and get speech therapy )
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(BTW, haven't seen the latest Glee yet, I'll bore the hell out of you let you know if I found it any good)

I've just finished watching season 1 of The Office (British version, of course) and I used to be more obsessed with Benny, but now my love for the sexy adorableness that is Martin Freeman is just as strong as my crazy stan obsession for Cumberbatch. Martin's incredibly fucking cute, it's almost too much to bear. I know, I know, it took me way too much time to realize that absolute trufax, don't shout at me like that. Of course I already loved him as John H. Watson, why do you think I'm head over heels for this pairing, it's not just because of Benny, it's because both of them are awesome -- but let's just say that, watching Sherlock, I've been blinded by my crush for Benny first, and with him removed of the equation, I could fully appreciate Martin's adorable sexiness at last.
Now I understand completely the fangirls who say that they want to pinch his cheeks and then shag him senseless (or muss his hair and then blow him). Boy do I understand.

Just. Look at him. No, I mean, look, really look. What the hell. That must be the most stupid haircut I've ever seen and he manages to make this look cute beyond words. And fuckable. What is up with that? °_____°

Martin aside, I really loved that first season; that show's really well written and I can't WAIT to watch season 2. British TV shows FTW. I also need to read Sherlock/The Office crossovers now. Recs, anyone?

P.S.: On a side note, the hopeless RPSlasher in me really loves that picture:
British people. Seriously. )
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I'M WAITING!!1!!eleven!!!!
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This is only part 1, actually )


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