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1: What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before?

-I finished my first complete comics series. One that didn’t get dropped before the entire story was told. That was certainly a first.
-Oh yeah I joined a comics authors’ union (and it didn’t go too well, in the sense that I was pretty useless there)
-I tried to go vegetarian, or at least flexitarian. It’s not all completely going according to plan, but I’m making a lot of efforts. I cut off dairy products as well, more for digestion reasons than anything else, and that at least was a success.
-shotgun convention, where I made a fanzine, printed only a limited number of copies out, and sold everything in one day at a convention. It was the best idea ever.
-X-rayed my feet
-got sort of hit on in an onsen in Japan by a drunken lady ; it was really funny
-Also I obtained my 10-years immigration card !
-And there was a certain trip I went on but more on that below

2: Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

To tell the truth I kept none of them. One of them was : be more responsible, and I really don’t think I’ve achieved that. Also, « keep my bedroom clean as much as possible » and… hahaha. Yeah. No.

3: Did anyone close to you give birth?

OMG yes and it was the weirdest shit ever. Because it was a childhood friend to whom I can’t say I’m super close, exactly, but we get along really well, we’re somehow very alike and we’ve followed very similar paths in life… up to this point. So when her baby was born I was super weirded out, because it felt like it was something that had happened to me in an alternate universe, and on some level I felt sorry for me ? Like, the alternate universe me who had a baby ? Because I’m pretty sure it ruined her life as much as it would have ruined mine. Anyway. Super bizarre.

4: Did anyone close to you die?


5: What countries did you visit?

JAPAN. Trip of a lifetime. Felt a little weird at first because of all the expectations and fantasies I used to have about it. And when I arrived I didn’t take enough time to recover from jetlag so in the first few days I was kind of tired and depressed, but in retrospect it was a very good trip, even the times where I was off my tits with jetlag

I also went back to Mauritius in the summer but that’s not really the important part, that was just the usual with my family doing their best to get on my nerves.

6: What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016?

Enough money to clear my debts… ? Also a published book, I didn’t have one this year.

7: What dates from 2016 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

18th of April, in Japan, where HunterxHunter was published in the Shônen Jump. It was very emotional for me.
And the few days I spent in Miyajima. It was so magical and out of this world.

8: What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Definitely completing my comics series Rhapsody, and also the third volume of Geek & Girly. It was huge for me. And that fanzine I managed to print and sell almost all by myself.

9: What was your biggest failure?

Completely failed to be more responsible as I said before
Haven’t sent my novel to a publisher, haven’t finished my other novel either. I haven’t lost hope or will to do so, I just need more time.

10: Did you suffer illness or injury?

In March I hurt my back pretty badly somehow, just before going to Japan which, if I hadn’t met the very best physiotherapist in Paris who completely cured me after only a few sessions, the whole trip would have been a real goddamn bitch, what with all the horrible futons I had to sleep on throughout the country.
In Miyajima I managed to hurt my knee while climbing down a mountain, which again would have been a bitch for the rest of my trip if I hadn’t gone to see a Japanese physical therapist who didn’t speak a word of English. The conversation in my shitty Japanese and gibberish will be something I’ll remember for the years to come (here’s another first : going to see the doctor in Japan)

Stand up like a soldier baby / Yeah I know you're built like that )
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Chère F-list francophone,

Ça y est, l'heure est venue: je me suis jetée à l'eau et j'ai commencé à écrire mon roman. Je pense que ça m'aidera de le poster en ligne en plusieurs parties façon fic, du coup celles (et ceux, on ne sait jamais) qui seraient intéressées de le lire et de me donner leur avis dessus (tous les avis sont les bienvenus, tous les concrit aussi) au fur et à mesure, manifestez-vous dans les commentaires de ce post, et je vous mettrai dans une petite liste spéciale de gens spéciaux et merveilleux qui pourront lire les updates en exclusivité.

Je ne peux pas vous en dire le sujet parce que j'ai besoin d'yeux neufs qui ne sauront pas nécessairement à quoi s'attendre, mais pour le genre c'est de l'urban fantasy. Bref, laissez-moi savoir si ça vous botte et en avant!
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F-list, I need you!

I'm looking for an Irish pen-pal for research purposes -- I'm currently writing a novel that's partly set in Ireland, and I would like to exchange e-mails with someone who grew up there to tell me about their experience and what contemporary Ireland is like to them (nothing political or too personal if you're uncomfortable about that, even a general overview would be fine). I've never been to Ireland and I would like to avoid clichés if possible; I'll do my own research of course but I feel that a personal testimony of an Irish person (or at least someone who grew up or spent most of their lives there) would be precious.

If you know an Irish person who would be interested to share, please give them my contact: kama_apsara at yahoo dot fr

If you want to know a little more about me, I'm Maëva, I'm a 29 year-old female comics author who lives in Paris and whose main language is French; I love mythology, food (cooking and eating and reading and writing about food), comic books and action flicks. I have written short stories as well as comic books published in France and now I want to try my hand at an urban fantasy novel.
There is not a lot of retribution I can promise for your help, but you will be thanked in my book, and if you want I can draw you something of your choice (here's a sample of my drawing style: )

Don't hesitate to signal-boost this post, any help is immensely appreciated!
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Hello les gensses de ma f-list française, j'ai besoin de votre aide!

Est-ce que vous connaissez des adresses de blogs de gros lecteurs/grosses lectrices de Fantasy? (genre des gens qui chroniquent des bouquins de Fantasy sur leurs blogs quoi; je sais pas si y'a des BNF dans ce genre de milieu -- si y'en a j'aimerais en connaître les noms/adresses de blog si vous les connaissez)

Je prends tout, même le blog de votre cousine, même les LJs si y'en a, donnez-moi tout ce que vous avez; j'ai juste besoin de me faire une idée et je sais pas par quoi commencer.

Merci de votre attention! :)

Help plz!

Nov. 3rd, 2014 11:49 am
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Guys, if anyone is still out there on LJ, I need recs!

Specifically genderqueer!Sherlock recs, or male to female/trans* woman Sherlock -- I think there are quite a few of these, but I need the good ones.

Do you know any, f-list? Pretty please?
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Hey LJ,

I miss you. This place sure looks abandoned, what with the advertisements and the same icon everywhere when I used to change it with each new post and the banner that hasn't been changed since forever either. It needs a bit of brushing-up, true.

Not that it's news or anything, but I'm working a lot. Not very good or fulfulling work, at that. Need the money to eat, et cetera. So I need to regroup a bit, center myself, and this is the place to do it, isn't it? Always been. Tumblr is fun and all, but my true heart belongs to you, LJ (sucks for you, I know, Tumblr gets the mindless fangirling and you get the long whining posts).

Hey, did you know I went to Italy for my holidays? For the first time, too. All on my own, fifteen days. Just came back. Naples, Rome, Florence, Lucca, and Venice. And I saw Pompeii. God, Pompeii is so fucking incredible. And so is Venice. Such gorgeous places, such impossibilities. I still haven't quite come down from that particular high yet I guess, I just hope I won't crash too hard when the inevitable return to earth will come.

Anyway. In an attempt to "center myself", I wanted to post pictures of the wall behind my desk, which basically serves as a mood/inspiration catalyst, and represents quite well my state of mind as well as my aesthetics. Sort of.

Cold night, strange dreams, memory stuck like glue )
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you are aqua

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

What about you, f-list? What's your gay power ranger colour?
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You guise, 00Q is a BABY FANDOM.
I was (more or less) there when it was born and now I'm watching it grow with motherly pride. The fans are calling themselves "00Qties" or are hashtagging everything with "#00Qpioneers4satan" (after an inside joke between friends on tumblr apparently) and they're all very cute and enthusiastic and there are more and more fics on AO3 everyday and NOTHING HURTS.

We've discussed it with [ profile] berylia, and the reason we think 00Q is a ship that took off so quickly is that right now almost every major fandom is on hiatus. Most of us fangirls are waiting for season 3 of Sherlock, and Teen Wolf , the next Avengers movie and Iron Man 3, and I don't know where they're up to in Supernatural but I'm guessing it must also be on hiatus since, when I look at the people reblogging 00Q stuff on Tumblr, most of the usernames have to do with the aforementioned fandoms. So Skyfall had in fact the right timing to make us fall in love with the pairing, I don't think it was calculated, but well done, and I hope that they're going to take that into account for the next Bond movie, especially since there are rumours that Mr Cumberbatch might be the next Bond villain (personal wishlist: I hope Benedict plays a highly intelligent criminal mastermind that targets Q himself and then Bond has to save his darling from evil!Benny's clutches, IT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME)

We went to see Skyfall again yesterday, then we watched my DVD of Brideshead Revisited (I LOVED it, it was actually a very good film even though it broke my heart a bit) and now I feel I'm becoming dangerously obsessed with Ben Whishaw, which is really unfair, because I have enough British actors ruining my life already. I learned on Tumblr that Whishaw also played Andrew Scott's gay lover onstage and that fucked me up a bit more and the image in my head alone makes me want to curl up on the floor and start crying.
So at 2 in the morning yesterday I watched interviews of him and completely melted because he's so fucking kawaii and looks so horribly shy and intimidated in front of cameras when he's not acting:

In real life apparently, he's dating Bright Star's music composer Mark Bradshaw AND THEY LOOK REALLY ADORABLE TOGETHER:


I've heard Skyfall opens in the US starting tomorrow, GO SEE IT, American people from my f-list, you need it in your life!
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Billet Skyfall

So awesome. So awesome.

Today was the day of my birthday *party* (yes because I celebrate my birthday twice in a week that's just how I roll) and we went to see Skyfall in the morning.

Spoilers and other stuffs under the cut )
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I've turned 27 today (er, yesterday, as it's two in the morning of the 31st of october right now) and this birthday was the coolest thing ever since the last one.

As always, so spoiled, SO SPOILED OMG )

Thank you guys for all your gifts and vows ([ profile] falling_voices, [ profile] coloredink, I heart you my lovelies!), you made this birthday very, very special to me, and I think I'm going to carry a smile as big as Nine's for at least a whole month!

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Once upon a time, I swore to [ profile] berylia that I would absolutely NOT go see the new James Bond movie.

"The first one was crap," said I, "the second one was SUPER crap, so I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand here, this stops now do you hear me, there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to see that third one, I'm not STUPID, okay."
"Oh," said the wench in return, "but did you know that the lovely, lovely Ben Whishaw is going to play Bond's new Q wearing hipster glasses and that there's already fic about a Bond/Q pairing, and there's even a name for that ship, it's called "00Q", isn't that cute...?"
"askjfhfsdgfdkulifdkjhsfdhj," said I with foam around my mouth.

So! I haven't even seen the movie yet but I've accepted my fate, and I'm already drawing porn. Sketch, James Bond/Q with Daniel Craig as Bond and Ben Whishaw as Q, NC-17 and not worksafe, it has been inspired by this gif I've found on tumblr (careful, not safe for work either), I'll post a cleaned-up version later.

Hold your breath and count to ten )
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You guise!

I'll be in London from the 19th of December to January the 3rd!

Obviously I'll be with my family on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day, but if you're free on any other day and want to meet up with me, leave a comment here or send me a PM, and we'll see if we can hang out!

This will be my very first Londonian Christmas holidays, I'm very excited!! °0°//
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Here's how each and every episode of Teen Wolf goes:

Spoilers (well... more or less) under the cut )
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Does anyone have good Mystrade recs for me? I've already read At Least There's the Football which was splendid, A Reliable Man which has to be the greatest characterization of Mycroft in the fandom ever, and Puppet On A String which is unbearably good but has left me very frustrated because it's a WIP and I'm gasping for more.

Please give me Mystrade recs, F-list, pleaaaaaase!

P.S.: And here's a beautiful Mystrade fanvid, btw: Those Things You Do by duchesscloverly on Tumblr
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I have opened a tumblr about food here:

It's all in French, but if you don't understand French, the pictures are fun to look at (I think). I'm talking about all the interesting food experiences I've had this year, from Kiwi burgers in New Zealand to dim sum in Singapore, but also the dishes I cook at home like fish and chips and roast chicken.

(about the title of the blog, "gurume" is simply the word "gourmet" pronounced in Japanese; it comes from the manga about food that I love the most, "Kodoku no Gurume", The Solitary Gourmet).
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My participation to a friend's fanzine/webcomics, Kima's Cockroach Inc. which is effing awesome. Initially I was supposed to do comics pages with a story written by [ profile] berylia but I won't have the time, I have like three different deadlines it's horrible I want to die

For those of you who are wondering, the title in French reads (more or less) "The Cowboy Sheikh's Lusty Bride"; it's supposed to be a parody of sappy romance novels covers

Nous irons vivre libres dans un pays sauvage / Et nos armes seront l'amour et le courage )
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Now that Kâlî has finally made her appearance in "god mode" in Tchô!, I'm allowed to share with you this fanart drawn by [ profile] pollums (she did it for an art trade with me):

I love everything about it, from the composition to the colours, plus they look so cute together!! Polly is such an amazing artist it kills me <3
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You're all welcome to give your opinion on this, guys: Rachel and I are working on a cover for the first volume of [Poll #1829902]

It really doesn't matter if you don't know anything about cover art or comics or whatever, we really need all the opinions we can get, just tell us what works for you or not. If you can explain your choice in the comments (even if you have never commented on this journal before) it would be even better (but of course it's not at all compulsory).
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Okayyyyy, so, remember I was going to New Zealand in April, well I will probably make a detour via Singapore before I go back to Paris.
I will be there from the 20th to the 29th of April (more or less) to visit my cousin, but again, if there's anyone of my f-list in Singapore who'd like to meet me at some point, leave me a PM whenever and we'll set an appointment ;-)

Holy crap, exciting start of year so far! \o/
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Guess who's going to New Zealand in April? :D Mwahahahaha

I promise I'm not going there to stalk Benedict, it's for my big brother's wedding, actually (and no, he's not trying to emulate Aragorn, he's really marrying a Kiwi woman).

So, f-list, if there's anyone living in NZ (the wedding is in Auckland but I guess we'll be moving around a bit to visit the country after that) who'd like to meet me for tea or a drink (or to eat a Kiwi burger OMG) at some point, let me know! Send me a PM or something. I love meeting new people and I've never bitten anyone who wasn't willing! :D

Or, if you live in NZ but won't be there in April, do you have any recommendations instead? What's fun to do there?

Wheeee! \o/


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