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Guys, there is a strong possibility that very soon I'll be able to travel to





Holy shit

I'm gonna buy



I've been thirsting for it for so long jesus christ

Oh, yeah, and also, I finally got my ten-year French immigration card. No big. I've only toiled and suffered for more than six years (more than twelve, if I count my years of uni) to obtain it but it's fine (call me THE MOST PERSISTENT MOTHERFUCKER you know, humor me)

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Giant poster of a watermelon painting beside my bed; bought it last week-end and I’m in love with it. Unlike my kin Jonathan I’m not obsessed with pineapples, but I’ve been fascinated by watermelons ever since I read this article:

Of course manmade selected breeding creates all sorts of problems today, one of them being the lack of variety in vegetable and fruit species, but it also makes me marvel at the incredible power of human will. It’s both scary and a bit awesome – plus, of course, the whole web of relationship between humanity, history, nature and food will never cease to wildly interest me.

Look at the comparison of 17th century watermelons (looking more like pumpkins, in structure) and watermelons (full, red and seedless or with way smaller seeds) we have now, all evolved through selection:

Also watermelons are delicious. They remind me of my childhood in Mauritius, and of holidays in Italy (eating fresh and sweet slices of them on top of a hill overlooking the ancient Hippodrome, surrounded by the song of cicadas. Oh yes.)

Basically the watermelon wolf is me, and I’m a huge nerd.

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Jus de pommes breton, caramel pomme-caramel au beurre salé, caramel chocolat-caramel au beurre salé, confiture d'abricot-vanille cuite au chaudron, saucisson aux cèpes, saucisse sèche de montagne, pesto à l'ail des ours et paquets de biscuits artisanaux speculoos d'une part et sésame d'autre part (avec un chouette emballage de hérisson et écureuil gentlemen)
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Alors, pour les bonnes résolutions de cette année:
-il s'agira d'abord de prendre mon courage à deux mains et de tâcher de faire ma foutue demande de nationalité une bonne fois
-d'une manière plus générale et moins pénible, j'espère pouvoir écrire, créer et rêver plus en 2015
-lire encore plus de bouquins
-payer mes dettes

Et sinon la Bretagne c'était un peu le salon de l'agriculture que j'ai pas pu faire cette année; plein de bouffe (LANGOUSTIIIIINES CREEEEEPES FRUITS DE MEEEER RHAAAAA) et plein de produits locaux à ramener à Paris:


Ze butin. En vrac, galettes bretonnes, galettes de blé noir, palets bretons, palets bretons au caramel au beurre salé, caramels mous au beurre salé, confiture de fraises de Plougastel, cheddar anglais mature, nougat au caramel au beurre salé, fleur de sel de Guérande, craquantins chocolat noir et caramel, palets bretons aux fruits secs, biscuits façon Tatin, thé de Noël d'une excellente brûlerie à Quimper que hante [ profile] jainas et thé noir aux agrumes "L'hiver à Quimper", une création de la même brûlerie.

La couronne c'est parce que j'ai eu la fève du "kouign amann des rois" qu'un des convives s'était acheté. Oui. Un kouign amann des rois. Un kouign amann avec de la FRANGIPANE à l'intérieur. Et oui on y a survécu. True story.
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Turned 29 yesterday, and I thought I could treat myself until my birthday party this Sunday.

Under the cut there be food porn, of course )

And since there's "9" in my age now, here's an appropriate gif:


May. 5th, 2014 10:25 am
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New project coming up, I'm very very very excited about it :D
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Some poor soul on tumblr was unfortunate enough to ask what would be appropriate for the Musketeers to eat, and I decided to whip up immediately kilometers of meta on the subject. I happen to have a lot of feelings about 17th century French cuisine (about food in general, but 17th century French cuisine in particular, because Cyrano de Bergerac is one of my favourite plays ever and act II opens basically with food porn for no reason and it's awesome).

17th century is precisely the time where French cuisine come out of the Middle Ages; it's a time of new techniques, new products, and general innovations. 17th century is the "Grand Siècle", the Great Century, and obviously it called for a Grande Cuisine too because hey, THIS. IS. FRAAAAANCE!!!! Before that time, there was virtually no cookbook published for centuries, and in that century one of the first great French cooks called La Varenne published "Le Cuisinier François" ("the French cook") which became a best-seller (and which kept being re-printed until 1815!). It's the very first cookbook that details rules and principles of cooking.

17th century food porn hellz yeah )

So there, I hope this will help you if you ever want to make dishes as an homage to our boys the musketeers, or if you want a spot of food porn in your fanfics, or just if you want to know more about the history of French cuisine; at least I can say I had a lot of fun researching and writing this :)
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So the annual Agricultural Fair of Paris was good.
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taolac strip part 1
taolac strip part 2

Indeed I don't know you, but hey, thanks for the guilt trip all the same, it's a lovely feeling.

PSA: If you friended me just to get Art of Love and Cooking (aka my Puckurt food porn fic) updates, guys, just go to my AO3 page (here: ). I don't know when I'll update that fic again, I'll probably turn it into an original story at some point, I have no idea -- for now I need to concentrate on getting money to survive. So yeah. If I ever update it, it's probably more convenient for you to get it through AO3 e-mail alerts or something.
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I've turned 27 today (er, yesterday, as it's two in the morning of the 31st of october right now) and this birthday was the coolest thing ever since the last one.

As always, so spoiled, SO SPOILED OMG )

Thank you guys for all your gifts and vows ([ profile] falling_voices, [ profile] coloredink, I heart you my lovelies!), you made this birthday very, very special to me, and I think I'm going to carry a smile as big as Nine's for at least a whole month!

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I have opened a tumblr about food here:

It's all in French, but if you don't understand French, the pictures are fun to look at (I think). I'm talking about all the interesting food experiences I've had this year, from Kiwi burgers in New Zealand to dim sum in Singapore, but also the dishes I cook at home like fish and chips and roast chicken.

(about the title of the blog, "gurume" is simply the word "gourmet" pronounced in Japanese; it comes from the manga about food that I love the most, "Kodoku no Gurume", The Solitary Gourmet).
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Guess who's going to New Zealand in April? :D Mwahahahaha

I promise I'm not going there to stalk Benedict, it's for my big brother's wedding, actually (and no, he's not trying to emulate Aragorn, he's really marrying a Kiwi woman).

So, f-list, if there's anyone living in NZ (the wedding is in Auckland but I guess we'll be moving around a bit to visit the country after that) who'd like to meet me for tea or a drink (or to eat a Kiwi burger OMG) at some point, let me know! Send me a PM or something. I love meeting new people and I've never bitten anyone who wasn't willing! :D

Or, if you live in NZ but won't be there in April, do you have any recommendations instead? What's fun to do there?

Wheeee! \o/
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Today's my birthday, and people tried to kill me with food, which is a good way to go as far as I'm concerned. [ profile] berylia, that Nutella cake was a deadly sin, and that pecan pie was pure undiluted diabetes and heart attack and utter LOVE... thank you.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] goldylost for the virtual gifts (they're the first I've ever received!!!!) and to [ profile] yaoi_ezi for the adorable message!

Also, [ profile] kamexkame wrote a Sherlock kiddie fic for me which is so very very shiny and ridiculously good, and I'll link it here as soon as she puts it online. Her style is as beautiful as ever, I just can't get enough of it; GURL, WHY YOU SO TALENTED? (this post is in no way a poorly disguised attempt at pressurizing her into WRITING MOAR AND MOAR AND MOAR)(ILU, you sassy biznitch)

I'm very, very spoiled and very, very happy. And I ate waaayyyyy too much.


[edit] EEEEEEEK and the most adorable [ profile] na_shao made me this stunning Sherlock/John graphic with my favourite pics of them:

Oh god, so spoiled, SO SPOILED!!! Well the stupid smile that I'm wearing on my face right now will last AT LEAST the whole week. <3
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So apparently the first episode of the third season of Misfits is out; aaaaand I really don't give a fig. I've been so disappointed by the last season that I'd rather not renew the experience. Anyway, I learned just today that Robert Sheehan (a.k.a. Nathan, who isn't in season 3 because Sheehan bailed out after season 2 and I think that was a very smart move for him, well done) was interviewed in march 2011 by InStyle UK; answering the question "who would you give a Bafta to?", Sheehan said:

"Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s like hot chocolate; you watch him and think, ‘You’re actually delicious.’"

I don't even know what it means, but I think it's brilliant. And it smells like mancrush.
It also reminded me of Robert's reaction at the Baftas last year when Benedict showed up on the red carpet beside the Misfits cast:


Also, despite the fact that I swore I wouldn't be caught dead watching Glee again, I ended up watching episode 2 and 3 because of [ profile] berylia and her wife, and... well, they were quite okay. On many accounts, it felt like they hired competent scriptwriters for once, who wisely decided to overrule most of season 2 and went back to season 1's storyline. So, maybe I'll watch the rest. If only because Puck identified what a napoleon was ("Turns out it's not just a dessert, it was also a dude!"). I mean, I know that's supposed to be funny, but actually not many people know that a napoleon is also a dessert. Ergo, it is canon: Puck is interested in cuisine. I really ought to finish that fucking fic.


Oct. 7th, 2011 11:49 am
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Arouses me muchly.

(from Tumblr)

Fuck, Benedict, you're gonna be the death of me.
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Fuck. I KNEW it was a stupid idea for me to start watching Iron Chef America. But. But the episodes were there! Available! On my computer! Saying: "click me! Click that link bitch!" And I was there too, and, and I clicked, and...

I'm addicted now. I can't stop. It's like watching a wrestling match, BUT WITH FOOD. Here we go, random thoughts:

Iron Chef America: random thoughts )

Coming up: a Sherlock rec post, a big master post with everything Sherlock I ever did in it, and a special post on books about food.
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I've been trying to post this shit 500 times now. Please LJ. Please let me post this on my fucking journal.

Post under the cut is a liiiiittle bit image heavy, sissy bandwidths may want to keep out.

Om nom nom nom nom nommmm )
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As it is said in the title, five random things about food.

Om nom nom )

Tomorrow I'm gonna go see Moffat at the French Comic Con!


I'm boss.

Apr. 24th, 2011 07:39 pm
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Good! Finished writing Rhapsody yesterday (AT LONG LAST. That script took me over A WHOLE YEAR to write! This is so not done. I don't even know why it took me so long, for a story that I had all planned out from the beginning) tonight I'll re-read it, correct it, maybe add more directions for the artist, and then on Monday I'll be free!... from that story at least. Well from the story of the series' first volume. Anyway, to-do list:

-develop a plot and an entire universe for a shounen series, since Dara-chan decided he wanted more than the little one-shot I wrote for him. Not complaining, here. I want to make it some kind of remake of The Island of Doctor Moreau. And, of course, HunterxHunter, since no matter what I do, no matter which new influences and authors and art I discover, I always go back to my gods: Alan Moore and Yoshihiro Togashi.
Anyway, chances are I'll be bothering you again about it if it works out.

-write that fucking third part of the third chapter of my Puck/Kurt food porn fic, The Art of Love and Cooking (my fic titles suck balls). Now that time has passed a little and I've re-read the two previous parts, I've decided I don't hate it and my writing in English and myself anymore, so I'll finally get around to finish that third chapter. In theory, the parts that follow shouldn't take that long, since that third chapter really was the most difficult to write for me. I really want to finish that fic; I said I would, and I will. è_____é

-at the same time, write the script for the second "episode" of Mytho. At least that shouldn't be too hard XD

After that, Inch'Allah. I dunno if I'll be able to write my massive Sherlock crossover fic, but at least I'd like to write the genderbent one; I've prepared a fanmix and everything, it would be a pity if I didn't complete it.

Other than that, happy Easter! Or happy some-kind-of-pagan-spring-festival. Or happy Sunny Sunday. A few friends and I went to the Parc de Sceaux today for a late Hanami picnic (we missed the right date, which is usually the second Sunday of April, but we decided to do it anyway) -- and the reason I'm telling you this is because I've finally tried to prepare the candied aubergines with the recipe I've linked in the bonus post to Umami!

Sunday FOOD Porn yaaaay!! ^0^

Food photos under the cut (a little image heavy) )
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Caught up with this week's episode and the one before, and wrote comments as I watched:

Spoilers for season 3 episodes 2 and 3 under the cut )

Finally, nothing to do with TCM, but I have to share this with you =D
(Art by Kiri, Mytho is (c) blah blah blah)
*dies from teh cute*


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