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Erm, and I updated the doujin of Mirror, by the way.

It's not much, but it does take some time to draw the pages; I wanted to draw two pages more, but it already made me feel guilty enough drawing these three ^^;;;

At this point, there is much more resemblance with [ profile] supacat 's work (I hope). At least I tried my best to keep the quotations as they are in the fic; it's just the storytelling that's changed a little, in order to fit the medium. ^^

Here's the link :

Sorry, it's really not much m(_ _)m

Maybe I'll have more time to do it during the summer holidays? (ha. ha. hem.)

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Rating: PG 13
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 1 576 w.
Comments: So here we are! From the beginning to the end, this fic is dedicated to [ profile] kamexkame, she did a truly incredible job and had all the patience in the world correcting my mistakes. I don't know what I'd have done without you, darling: thank you, a lot.

This chapter is dedicated to her, but also to [ profile] supacat, whose fics made me a believer, [ profile] thin_lipid, without whom I would've never had the idea to translate it in English, [ profile] mattiezumi who practically acted as a whole cheerleading squad all the way, and to all of you who've been reading this fic and commenting so kindly on it, thank you.

As a present, here's a link where you can download the song that inspired the fic, Hoshi no Suna, if you don't already know it:

He's beautiful, thinks Gackt. )

the end
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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Rating: PG 13
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 968 w.
Comments: Dedicated to [ profile] kamexkame, most perfect beta and friend ever. Thank you deeply, my dear.

Still one chapter to go before it all ends. I'm being very emotional about it, aren't I?

-I'm... a mongrel, I explained, inspired, as if struck by lightning. My only talent is my rage to survive.  )

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Rating: PG 13
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 1 973 w.
Comments: Dedicated to my beta, [ profile] kamexkame, and my LJ crew of exceptionnal people: [ profile] supacat, [ profile] thin_lipid, [ profile] mattiezumi (hey, you still haven't told me when is your birthday!), [ profile] velvetgunfire, [ profile] diac, [ profile] ayuzak. You're all loved, you know.

Also, I intend to finish this fic before the end of the year: my present from me to you ^____~ Next year, we start over and a new fic is up baby: Gackt and Miyavi posing as yakuzas! Wheeee! \o/

I don't know why the fuck he chose me. He's not the kind of guy whose throat you can force things down, y'know, so when yours truly strolls in and asks to be made a visual kei artist, fuck me, right? Shoulda kicked my ass and told me to go to sleep. He couldn't be bothered. So, I don't understand. It must mean he chose me, right? )
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Dear Gackt,

Listen, huh... Could you please stop fucking with my mind?

I mean, first, you in a band with Miyavi, okay, but that was already kind of... big, you know? Nobody saw it coming, it surprised us all, nicely done, you should be proud of yourself, it was as random as it could possibly get. No, really, I mean it, I swear.

But now... THIS?...

...You singing with DAIGO?...


...What the fuck?!

Or is it indeed some kind of fucked-up superpower I really possess? O____o

I iz in control of the Gackt remote!

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: sevenswells
Rating: NC-17
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 1 318 w.
Comments: I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE... until my next exam. But nevermind, I'm still freeeeeeee right now!!! I'm really really sorry I didn't have time to reply to your extremely kind comments before, but now, I totally have, and I'm so happy about it!!!

This chapter is dedicated, as usual, to my supercalifragilstic beta [ profile] kamexkame , ILU so so much *hugs**hugs**hugs some moar*, and also: happy birthday [ profile] supacat !

And this is also for all of you whom are still reading this fic despite my lack of regular updates, thank you for your comments, I'm answering them right away!

I was terrified, I was going to die. But I had to hang on. I knew he was testing me.  )
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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Rating: NC-17 more or less
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 1 968 w.
Comments: I know, I'm very late. I mean, I try not to let whole months go by in between my updates, but this end of year proves itself to be... loaded, with all kind of stuff. It's like everything is happening at the same time, extremely positive things, extremely negative things and, for the two neuronal connections in my brain, it's way too much to bear, liek, too much information overload.
But do believe I'm really sorry, and try to stick with me plz. ^^

This chapter is dedicated only to my beta, [ profile] kamexkame, because she said it was one of her favourites. ^^

By the way, it's my birthday today, heheh! (^_______^)v

It's like in that Blink 182 song: "nobody likes you when you're tweeenty-threeeeee..."

   Everything, around me, clicked like a well-oiled clockwork: the world fitted me like a glove. )
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Hey there people,

Finally, here's a new GacktxMiyavi doujin!

It's the comics adaptation of the incredible GacktxMiyavi fic Mirror by dearest [ profile] supacat . Those are only the first five pages; it's also just an introduction; the rest is coming up as soon as I can manage. I'll update as regularly as possible, posting five pages or so at a time (don't worry, I'll warn you each time). Of course, in between my updates, you can re-read and re-re-read supacat's fic because it's simply made of awesome. By the way, for the moment the comic's not very faithful to its original inspiration, but it's gonna come to it, eventually (I hope).

I'll stick to supacat's rating, which is R if I recall. No further warnings, let's rock:

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Sooooooooo tired X_________X

Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [personal profile] sevenswells 
Rating: PG-13 for this one, I guess
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 2 188 w.
Comments: Dedicated, as usual, to my saintly beta [profile] kamexkame , and to all you awesome people whom I got to know through LJ, [personal profile] supacat , [profile] thin_lipid , [profile] mattiezumi , [profile] velvetgunfire , [profile] diac , [profile] ayuzak 

I don't really like this chapter because it gets darker still (yeah... sorry), but I just wanted you to know I heart you all.

Extra special thanks to [profile] kamexkame who gave so much time and dedication to this, girl, you're a gem. Mucho ILUism to you!

Also, this pic is veeeeery related to what follows:

Let's go, then. ^^

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[edit] shit, I'm sorry, I did a wrong manip and the whole shit thing went down

Done! I'm exhausted, and it was only 5 pages (do I really want to be a comicker? Gah).

It's my first yaoi doujin ever, prease to be indulgent. Honestly, I don't think it's very good, it doesn't make much sense, but I decided to post it anyway because I've spent two days working on it and I don't want to think it was a waste of time. ;____;

So here it is, under the cut. It's strictly NC-17, so if you're a minor, you can't click.

Please don't steal or sell or use any element of the images without my permission.

This is a work of pure fiction, Gackt and Miyavi don't belong to me.

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The cover of the doujin (I've just finished it, yay!), I hope I can finish the dj itself today before I get back to my revisions!!

Clicky on the pixy etc etc
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Here's chapter 8 finally; next update will be the five-pages doujin I'm working on, I hope. \o/

Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [personal profile] sevenswells  
Rating: NC-17
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 1806 w.
Comments: Dedicated to the most gentle, caring and fabulous ("I declare you guilty of fabulous") beta in the whole wide world [profile] kamexkame   (also wishing her fortitude so she can rule the world), to squeeing partner [personal profile] supacat   (where are you my dear?), to my girl [profile] thin_lipid   (I hope you're doing well baby) and also dedicated to the lovely [profile] mattiezumi   who ninja'd her way in my dedication list and is here to stay ^^

NB: the title "Moi, Lolita" is a reference to a french pop song which was first sung by a young girl singer called Alizée in the early 00's (it had a huge success at the time, partly because it was also kind of scandalous, reference to Nabokov's Lolita and all). Then the same song has been recently sung by another artist, except that this artist is male, with a very deep crooning voice, and he sings very earnestly that he's a fifteen year old girl called Lolita, who apparently likes to play with men. I've always been a fan of the gap between the image and the reality, and ambiguity of course. Thus, I liked the fact that the guy isn't mocking this very bubbly pop song but sings it seriously and trying to put his real emotions in it.

Moi, Lolita (Alizée's original song)
Moi, Lolita (Julien Doré's remix)

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Hey there people, I know I should've updated Hoshi no Suna by now, but I'm on semi-vacations, and I have exams very soon - sorry for the delay. Here's a little snack for you to keep you waiting (I'm posting this in a super hurry, I've got a train to catch O____O)
If I had to make a real yaoi doujin about Gackt and Miyavi someday, I guess the art would look like this:

Clicky on the pixy to make it biggy! \o/

I hope I can update chapter 8 soon, until then, lots of love my dears!
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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [personal profile] sevenswells 
Rating: NC-17 more or less
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe, yada, yada.
Word Count: 1721 w.
Comments: Dedicated to "last night a beta saved my life" [profile] kamexkame  (chu!!!!), karaoke disco queen [personal profile] supacat  , funkadelic shake-a-booty [profile] thin_lipid  who made this beautiful chlorinate-blue poppish icon -- and, also dedicated to the life of the party, rocking the dancefloor like there's no tomorrow, superfreak [profile] mattiezumi  !!!

So! We're currently halfway through of what took me almost two years to finish in French... well, it's a weird feeling. ^^
Ah, I have to tell you that the present tense used at the beginning of this chapter isn't the same as the present tense Mimi uses in the first chapters of this fic -- this one's supposed to "vivify" actions occuring in the past. Just to make sure it doesn't get too confusing.

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Hahaha, did I actually say that this was "easy" to translate? I must have been wasted.

Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author:[personal profile] sevenswells 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sur-pri-iiiise!
Warnings: Not safe for work, yuri (bwahaha!), rape, angst, alternate universe (even more AU than usual. Yup.)
Word Count: 1877 w.
Comments: Dedicated to brilliant [profile] kamexkame  , my first and favourite victim beta, your help is precious; to invincible [personal profile] supacat  - I'm super glad that you're back, wheeee! - and to dazzling [profile] thin_lipid  who made this glam rock geisha Mimi icon that I'm crazy about - you have so many skills, girl, it's scary! Rock on!

Okay, now I have to warn you: this chapter is weird. Plus it's not even a chapter, I arrogantly call it an "interlude" because it's transitional (which is the reason why HnS has actually 13 chapters and not exactly 14). I wrote it and then I went on a huuuuge hiatus that has been lasting for almost a year before I decided to go back to writing. It's all thanks to my anerable beta that I finally decided to include it.
In the so-called timeline of this fic, I believe it's not situated right after what happened in chapter 5, but way later (because Miyavi is getting into shuffle mode XDDD).

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells   
Rating: NC-17 but I'm tempted to put it NC-23 since it's extremely embarrassing for me. Argh.
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 3740 w., holy shit! O.O
Comments: I'm sorry, I'm no good at writing sex; please be indulgent. I'm sorry.
Dedicated to ever-indulgent [ profile] kamexkame   , who generously volunteered to translate most of this thang for me: thank you so much, you are ever-loved.
Also dedicated to [ profile] supacat    on holidays, and I'm soooo crossing my fingers right now, hoping that she will update Mirror when she comes back. So, this chapter is also like, an offering to the gods or something (it mightn't be good, but it's still a sex chapter, so the offering is subsequent enough, isn't it, gods? *deep silence and howling wind* Anyone?).
Also also dedicated to [ profile] thin_lipid    who got this whole thing started. I hope you're doing better and I wanted to tell you I'm taking my time to compose that music suggestions e-mail, which you shall receive in no time. Hang in there! >.<
Also also also dedicated to [ profile] diac    because I keep my promises, right? ^^ And to [ profile] velvetgunfire    who is the sweetest girl ever. And to [ profile] mattiezumi    who keeps making me laugh with her adorable general craziness. And to [ profile] ayuzak    whose comments are Willy Wonka everlasting candies.

I love you all. You people are marvellous. <3

And now that Gackt himself had said : '...the little cutie's coming with me', I wanted to gobble up the capital, to subject its inhabitants: I was Godzilla and I was going to destroy everything on my path. )
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To the english-speaking readers of this fic: this is the last chapter in French! (you're thinking, but she said there is 14 chapters, not 13 -- well there's a twist actually, you'll see) That means that my updates should be more regular in english from now on, since I'll concentrate on translation only. The other good side of it is that nothing can be changed from now on, the story will continue no matter what, until we reach the same point in english. See you there, then! ^^

Et en Français maintenant:

Bon ben voilà. J'ai séché les cours pour finir cette fic. Je me rends compte que j'ai commencé cette histoire en juillet 2006, la vache! Pratiquement deux ans (bon, avec un groooooos hiatus entre, je dis pas) ça fait quelque chose, alors au moins une petite oraison avant de poster le chapitre, ça vaut au moins ça. J'aurais jamais cru finir un jour. Mais c'est fait, c'est en train de se faire, c'est ouf! Et puis, j'en ai fait, du chemin, depuis la n00b que j'étais sur LJ, avec mon tout premier journal moche, c'est émûvant.

Tout ce que j'espère, c'est que c'est le signe que ma flamme se ravive, au moins un tout petit peu -- porte-moi chance, Mimi! J'ai beaucoup de pain sur la planche, après -- notamment une fic Tokio Hotel pour le fanzine de [personal profile] miundel, et je me rematerai la saison 2 de Princesse Tutu pour commencer une nouvelle fic (peut-être. Je vais peut-être aussi profiter un peu de plus me prendre la tête pour en extirper des mots).
Merci à [personal profile] mokoshna de m'avoir encouragée, aussi!

En avant le mush!!! °0°/

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [ profile] sevenswells who got back to hiding under her rock
Rating: NC -17 (but still PG -13 for this chapter. I'm sorry, but next one is back to NC -17, just for [ profile] diac! ^___~)
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: Not safe for work, yaoi, angst, alternate universe.
Word Count: 2188 w but dear me it seemed way longer
Comments: dedicated more than ever to [ profile] kamexkame !
This chapter was SO FUCKING HARD TO TRANSLATE, it might have been one of the worst, I don't know what I'd have done without her.
So, many thanks, darling, this is for you only. ^.^

Also, I wrote this before I saw any Gackt concert... well, it figures (again, I only took inspiration from my own concert experiences in Paris). I was amazed when I finally saw the DVD of "Sixth Day and Seventh Night" a few months ago and the people from the Japanese audience standing very straight in their spaces, not moving an inch and keeping their distances from one another... O_____O well it didn't look like a concert audience at all (but the show in itself was more than mind-blowing though, it totally rocked my world)

    It was the only measure I knew for happiness, those snatches of pure existence when everything else seemed morbid and bland. )
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Pour toi public -- j'espère que ça te plaira, malgré l'angsty angst. Et n'aie pas peur, c'est pas si affreux après. Eh ui, parce qu'il y aura encore un chapitre, dégoulinant de mush! Enfin, pas vraiment. Mais ce sera un chapitre bigrement difficile à écrire, et j'espère que je réussirai mon coup. En attendant:

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Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: [info]sevenswells
Rating: NC-17 (but actually PG -13 for this chapter)
Band/Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Warnings: This one's kinda OK for work, yaoi, angst, kink and alternate universe.
Word Count: 2 178 w.
Comments: Dedicated as usual to [info]kamexkame who is the most patient and caring and talented beta ever. Nnnngh to you!
Also dedicated to [personal profile] supacat [profile] and [info]thin_lipid because it's so good to squee altogether! ^^

Just a little funny/weird anecdote before starting: when I posted this fic on another fic site in french, somebody told me my description of Tokyo resembled Ryu Murakami's in Coin Locker Babies. The thing is, I've never read that book (or any book by that author), and I've never been to Tokyo either -- I'm even too lazy to do the ground research it's required to be a minimum adequate; the description was actually inspired by my own feelings from when I arrived in Paris.
A couple of days later, I found this translated interview of Miyavi by chance:
"Is it true that the song [Coin Lockers Baby] is based on the famous book by Ryu Murakami? If so, why did you decide to write a song after a book?
MIYAVI: I’m often asked about it….I like reading novels, especially books by popular writers such as Kou Machida and Masaya Nakahara, but I hadn’t read any novels by Ryu Murakami until after I wrote the song.

Yay! (^____^)v


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