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Indeed I don't know you, but hey, thanks for the guilt trip all the same, it's a lovely feeling.

PSA: If you friended me just to get Art of Love and Cooking (aka my Puckurt food porn fic) updates, guys, just go to my AO3 page (here: ). I don't know when I'll update that fic again, I'll probably turn it into an original story at some point, I have no idea -- for now I need to concentrate on getting money to survive. So yeah. If I ever update it, it's probably more convenient for you to get it through AO3 e-mail alerts or something.

Rec time!

Nov. 11th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Hello Gleeks of my f-list, it's that time of the year where I ask for Puck/Kurt fic recs again. Do you have any for me? Gimme gimme pleaaaaase!

As for the Sherlockians of my f-list, I wanted to ask: has anyone read this book:

And is it any good? I started reading the beginning at the bookshop and saw that Watson was married (okay) and had at least a child with Mary Morstan (wait, what?) which put me off a bit and made me replace it on the bookshelf. But the thing is, I usually like Anthony Horowitz's books and since I'll be travelling soon, I need something to read on the plane; I'm just kind of reluctant to read something that would kill any hope of slash between Holmes and Watson (don't judge me, I'm a hopeless fangirl)...

tl;dr I need a fellow fangirl/boy's opinion on this plz.
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So apparently the first episode of the third season of Misfits is out; aaaaand I really don't give a fig. I've been so disappointed by the last season that I'd rather not renew the experience. Anyway, I learned just today that Robert Sheehan (a.k.a. Nathan, who isn't in season 3 because Sheehan bailed out after season 2 and I think that was a very smart move for him, well done) was interviewed in march 2011 by InStyle UK; answering the question "who would you give a Bafta to?", Sheehan said:

"Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s like hot chocolate; you watch him and think, ‘You’re actually delicious.’"

I don't even know what it means, but I think it's brilliant. And it smells like mancrush.
It also reminded me of Robert's reaction at the Baftas last year when Benedict showed up on the red carpet beside the Misfits cast:


Also, despite the fact that I swore I wouldn't be caught dead watching Glee again, I ended up watching episode 2 and 3 because of [ profile] berylia and her wife, and... well, they were quite okay. On many accounts, it felt like they hired competent scriptwriters for once, who wisely decided to overrule most of season 2 and went back to season 1's storyline. So, maybe I'll watch the rest. If only because Puck identified what a napoleon was ("Turns out it's not just a dessert, it was also a dude!"). I mean, I know that's supposed to be funny, but actually not many people know that a napoleon is also a dessert. Ergo, it is canon: Puck is interested in cuisine. I really ought to finish that fucking fic.


Jun. 15th, 2011 12:08 pm
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We finished watching the last episodes of the second season of Glee yesterday, merely out of obstination and in order to get some sense of closure -- we really didn't want to. It's safe to say now that I won't be watching season 3.
That second season was very bad. Some good ideas here and there, sometimes one good episode that cruelly gave us hope, but overall, poor writing, poor song choice and interpretations, and guys, sorry to tell you, but ALL your "original songs" SUCKED big time. The New York one made us howl with second-hand embarrassment. And just as we thought we couldn't be more unimpressed, bam, last episode, complete anti-climax that left us wondering what the hell it was we saw in that show in the first place, whether there ever *was* something charming, fresh, new that made us fall in love with it or if it was just wishful thinking and total delusion on our part.
The only thing good about that last episode was Usher's Yeah! sung by unknown female choir that looked a lot like the Jane Addams girls, but I guess they had to cut the performance in half because they didn't want the viewers to realize how inferior New Directions' performance would be compared to it (too late, ha!).
I also enjoyed watching lovely (and gay as ever) Jonathan Groff's comeback, "Rolling in the deep" was also one of the good songs that I'll remember from those horrible last episodes.

Fortunately after that, Kiri had the good idea to show us NPH's performance at the Tony Awards and we gained back some faith in humanity and show tunes. This has probably been reblogged over and over all around the Internetz, but I don't care, here is my own reblog of that fabulous awesome piece of epicness:

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Title: The Art of Love and Cooking

Author: [ profile] sevenswells

Champion betas: [ profile] drgaellon and [ profile] guilshad 

Rating: Hard R for this part. Last part will (finally!) be NC-17.

Fandom/Pairing: Glee, Puck/Kurt

Warnings/Spoilers: Food porn, and then some actual porn after that. No spoilers because it's an AU in which glee club didn't happen.

Comments: So in this chapter we learn more about Puck's life in France, this whole part is kind of angsty, I think. We also reach one of the main "knots" of the story, so some heavy revelations are made, I hope you'll still find this part okay, though. NGL, I feel a little anxious about it right now. I've put a lot of work into it as usual, but now I just don't know anymore. WiPs bring out the worst in me, jeez. =___=;;

Word count: 4 434 w.

Mais c'était juste une ombre, c'était juste une silhouette qui ressemble à toi )
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Just to keep you posted, part 2 (out of 3) of Chapter Three of The Art of Love and Cooking has just been sent to beta. Another 4000 words or so.

Yay, finish line. I'm EXHAUSTED. I've been writing all week just to get that part done; I'll try to write part 3 as soon as I can, but for now, I hope you won't mind if I take a little break. X____X Writing in English for a long period of time hurts my brain; I'd love to update quicker, believe me, but this is truly the best I can do. I just checked: about 30 000 words already written for that fic, if I include the part I've just finished. This is insane.
And now I need to get RL work done, which also consist in writing, but in French, hurray, so hopefully my brain won't turn into jelly and start trickling down my ears. Gaaaah. Kill me already.
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Title: The Art of Love and Cooking

[ profile] sevenswells

My betas. I love them: [ profile] drgaellon and [ profile] guilshad 

Rating: This chapter will be NC-17! Holla~! Only this part is still R-ish

Glee, Puck/Kurt

Warnings/Spoilers: Food porn, and then some actual porn after that. No spoilers because it's an AU in which glee club didn't happen.

Comments: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. This is part 1, part 2 and 3 will come later, 'kay? Again, this chapter is dedicated to my betas; they're really great and I can't thank them enough for the work they put in this. You rock, both of you. <3
In each part I try to put as much food and music (since this is still a Glee fic, yo) as I can, I feel there is a little less food and more music in this one. At the end of this post you will find a Youtube mix (just because it was simpler, never mind the videos that go with the songs, most of them are rubbish) with all the songs mentioned in here.

Word count: 4596 w.

Saisir : to expose certain dishes to high heat in order to cook or start cooking them. )
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First part of chapter 3 of The Art of Love and Cooking has just been sent to beta reading! Yaaaaay!! I feel super relieved right now; I'll try to write the next two parts as fast as possible -- I'm on a roll! They will be cake compared to that first part, though -- that bitch made me die a thousand deaths, but I ended up prevailing, muahahaha!

Below the cut you'll find the first -- unbeta'd, which means there might be some grammar mistakes -- paragraph of the chapter that you can take as a preview cookie for what's coming, just to say sorry for the long wait and that this fic isn't dead; it's just that I'm horribly slow (and, yeah, I got slightly sidetracked by Sherlock too). Thank you all for your encouraging comments, they've been a great help to me! <3

By the way, there will be only three more chapters to this fic, and the next ones won't be as monstrous as this third chapter, so bear with me, hopefully the wait won't last for months again.

Here we go, preview cookie:

So raise your glass for me )
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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, Glee bitching coming your way.

Right under the cut )
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Found this on Tumblr, and it's Beautiful:

I love you Puck. Kurt deserves the best, and that would be you. Make it happen, Glee, you know you won't regret it! >_____<
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What do you mean, "wishful thinking"? It totally happened, okay? YOU SEE, YOU JUST DON'T OBSERVE!
(still, it's kind of flattering, especially when no other pairing is featured. Puckurt rulez è0é9)

Also, France is fucked, 4chan is on to us:


(WTF is this post? What a mess!)
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(Art by Kiri, Mytho(c)Kiri and I)

May be a bit premature but then again I don't know where I'll be on the 25th and where the Internets will be, so I thought I might as well post it now ^^

And since I'm working on chapter 3 of TAoLaC, here are Glee vids (one Puckurt, one simply Kurt) that make me happee and inspire me in this festive season:

Something There by xseducedlikemagic (Puck/Kurt)
Because I'm Awesome by Anoel (Kurt is awesome)
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Here below is the (much overdue) bonus post to Chapter 2 of The Art of Love and Cooking (it's a PuckxKurt WiP that I'm writing where Puck is a chef. Yeah.). First of all, I'M SO SORRY GUYS. I'm unforgivable, I shouldn't have let so much time go between updates, it's just not done; but the good news is, I'm working on (the true nightmare that is) Chapter 3 as we speak, since I'm almost done with Rhapsody's script (at long last!). There will be about six chapters all in all for this fic I think, so please bear with me and my excruciatingly slow writing, I swear I'll finish it, I just don't know exactly when. Thank you to the people who have recently discovered and read the fic and left the sweetest comments, and thanks also to the regular readers, you all give me courage to wrestle my crappy English and get down to writing at last.

Careful, the post below might be a teeny bit image-heavy.

Photos, recipes and music )
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I have to interrupt my viewing of the latest Glee episode right now to share with you:

Okay this has to be under a cut )
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Finally saw The Substitute, and it was SWEEEEEEET!

A few remarks in caps lock because I just can't help myself )

That is all. Now I need to go back to the beach and work on my tan. Nyaha.
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This week's Glee was awesome! At long last! So I left a little something over at the [ profile] puckurt  comm:

I'm pretty sure the fact that I dislike Sam so much makes me a Puckurt stan...?

Yeah well.

Sue me. =D

Any good PuckxKurt recs, lately? I need to get back into the groove! Gimme, gimme!
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Woo-hoo!! Finally watched it, and... incredible start of season! WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE GHEINESS?? We almost choked from it! (in a good way, of course) We squealed so loud throughout the episode we made the neighbours crazy!

Random comments under the cut )
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For those of you who follow The Art of Love and Cooking and wonder what the fuck is taking me so long to update -- I'M SO SORRY!! RL job is eating away at me and I'm trying very hard to stay away from LJ distraction these days. All this to say, don't worry, I'm not forgetting about it, I'm not getting completely sidetracked by Sherlock and Benedict, I'm still a hardcore Puckurt fan and I have every intention of finishing this fic. I just have this RL stuff to finish before that, then I'll get smashed to celebrate, and then I'll be FREEEEEEEE!!!! to write fics!!!! \o/

I know I said I wouldn't let whole ~*months*~ go between updates, but the truth is I'm very bad at updating quickly multi-chaptered WiPs (those of you who used to follow Hoshi no Suna learned that too ^^;;; so, so sorry). Next time I'm writing a series, I'll write all of it before putting it online. =0=

Anyway, if you want someone to blame, blame this bitch

It's alllllll her fault. *nods* (don't act like you're not impressed, Val, you know it's true)

But more important: Glee season 2 is starting tomorrow guys! Are you excited??
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Title: The Art of Love and Cooking

[ profile] sevenswells

Best Betas Ever: [ profile] drgaellon and [ profile] guilshad 
Rating: R for language

Glee, Puck/Kurt

Warnings/Spoilers: Food porn, and no spoilers because it's an AU in which glee club didn't happen. Tons of words in italics, and OCs everywhere in this part, too, sorryyyyyy

Comments: This chapter is dedicated to my wonderful betas, and to my homegirl [ profile] mattiezumi ,  Most Valuable Reader since 2008. <3
This part gave me pain. I swear. Stupid engagement party, you took way too long to write. The bonus post will be veeery nice, though -- with pictures, too! I also made a playlist for this fic (deezer is fucked, so in the end I made it on Youtube), and you'll find there some of the songs in this part (the Celine Dion one too, OMG), you may check it out:

Word count: 8 089, fuck me! O.O 19 fucking pages! I can't believe it!

Touch me with your naked hand, touch me with your glove )


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