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You guise!

I'll be in London from the 19th of December to January the 3rd!

Obviously I'll be with my family on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day, but if you're free on any other day and want to meet up with me, leave a comment here or send me a PM, and we'll see if we can hang out!

This will be my very first Londonian Christmas holidays, I'm very excited!! °0°//
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And anyway I don't have any money so fuck it
Last night I dreamt that Benedict was giving me a foot massage, and guess what, he was good at it
I have a lot of stuff to do but I'm still going MAD from boredom
I need a new season of Top Chef why isn't there a new season of Top Chef I'd even settle for a new season of Top Chef Just Desserts the last French one was super dull except for the one time they invited Stéphanie back every single episode of French Top Chef should have Stéphanie in it
I don't know how to end this post so have a few recs of really good fics I've read lately (SPOILERS for Sherlock season 2):

With Patience He Stands Waiting by [ profile] emungere: it's Mycroft/Moriarty and she makes it work. Better yet, she makes canon work, when I thought canon on this particular point was absolute bullshit (Mycroft just handing out informations on Sherlock to Moriarty just because the guy won't talk? Come on). The two characters are absolutely pitch-perfect; Mycroft is a tough one to write well, so is Jim, and usually you can't get more than one very difficult caracter completely right in the same fic, and yet emungere aced it, their voices and interactions are all amazing and so cleverly thought-out. I'm wowed by this writer all over again.

Don't Explain by rotaryphones: A post-Reichenbach/Empty House fic which HURTS, and it HURTS SO GOOD. Fantastic angst, the kind of which you can't get enough because this is the first post-Reichenbach fic I've read where John's psychological recovery over Sherlock's return is so deep and tortuous, and where John appears very, very human. Great fic, can't wait for more.

Still alive

Aug. 9th, 2011 01:44 pm
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[EDIT] SA MÈRE LA PUTE DES NEIGES, bonne décision de pas sortir aujourd'hui: Sherlock filming interrupted because of approaching looters.

Un petit mot pour dire que je suis toujours à Londres mais que je suis en vie quand même ^^ Y'a eu cramage de bâtiments à Croydon ce qui n'est pas très loin de là où je suis (même plutôt près), un peu de bordel à Wimbledon (globalement toujours dans le coin), mais jusqu'ici y'a pas eu d'incidents dans ma bourgade.

Du coup je reste terrée dans la maison de ma cousine en attendant la fin de mon séjour (c'est pas que je suis parano, mais bon, ça me saoûlerait d'être coincée dans un trou paumé parce qu'il y a eu du bordel sur les lignes de train). De touteuf j'ai de quoi m'occuper entre le boulot (Geek & Girly 3, oué... ce connard de Baptiste me prend le chou et ça fait quatre jours que je bloque, je vous raconte pas mon état) et A Dance With Dragons (j'en suis à peu près au quart, ou au tiers, kekchoz comme ça... les chapitres avancent à une allure d'escargot, il abuse le Martin...)(par contre j'ai remarqué que Stannis Baratheon m'apparaît soudain beaucoup plus sympathique comme perso quand je l'imagine incarné par Christopher Eccleston).

Je reviens à Paris jeudi soir. Après, le programme ça va être:

-finir mes commissions (j'en ai deux à honorer)
-finir le scénar de Mytho épisode 3
-retaper une ultime fois quelques pages du scénar de Rhapsody (eh oué, quand y'en a plus y'en a encore, sérieux le 46CC c'est vraiment un format pénible)

Après ça, je serai plus ou moins libre. J'aimerais bien en profiter pour résoudre mes problèmes administratifs (permis de séjour, sécurité sociale... ça promet d'être passionnant) et puis finir/commencer mes fics en souffrance... l'écriture récréative me manque.
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I've been trying to post this shit 500 times now. Please LJ. Please let me post this on my fucking journal.

Post under the cut is a liiiiittle bit image heavy, sissy bandwidths may want to keep out.

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Experienced comedy club last night for the first time at a pub in Kingston. It was absolutely brilliant, and I discovered this Canadian comedian called Jason John Whitehead -- he was very funny, also kind of cute; if you ever get the chance to see one of his gigs, I'd recommend it wholeheartedly, I personally had a very good time in his company ^^ (here's a Youtube link to one of his TV appearances: )

Although the prelude to that fantastic night was a very weird phone call I received in the afternoon (100% authentic):

GUY ON THE PHONE WITH STRONG NORTHERN ACCENT: Hello, I'm David from BT. I'm phoning because--
ME: Yeah, I'm not the person living here, I'm her cousin. Maybe you'd prefer to leave a message or phone la--
"DAVID FROM BT": No, it's okay, I'll speak with you. *explains something about pigeons on the line. He speaks fast, I'm not sure if I understand well. He wants me to count pigeons on some line? Something like that? I have no idea.* Listen, do you have a pen?
ME, decidedly unhelpful and a bit irritated: No.
"DAVID FROM BT", decidedly not flustered and insisting: Can you get one?
ME, sighing heavily, I put the phone down, look for a pen and a piece of paper, come back to the phone, sigh again to signify I'm back.
"DAVID FROM BT": Have you got the pen?
ME: Yeah.
"DAVID FROM BT": And a piece of paper?
ME: Yeah.
"DAVID FROM BT": I'll give you some numbers, can you write them down? *starts enumerating a very, VERY long string of random numbers. I fight the urge to laugh, as the absurdity of the situation finally kicks in.* Did you get them all?
ME: Um. Yes...?
"DAVID FROM BT": Now can you tell me how many holes there are on the phone you're speaking from?
ME: ...I'm sorry what?
"DAVID FROM BT": On the phone you're speaking from. How many holes are there?

At that point I hung up, and he didn't phone back. I still don't know if it was a prank call or if the guy was nuts or if it was a genuine call from BT and I didn't understand anything although I doubt it; but if you heard that conversation on the radio yesterday, well that was me. Maybe it was a game where I could win a million pounds and I totally blew it, what the hell. All I know is that call was about as random as that time where a guy phoned my student residence during my uni years and said his TV company was conducting a survey to improve the quality of Sunday nights erotica films on TV and make them more adequate for the modern audience. I spent almost an hour with him on the phone building an improbable porn story by answering his multiple choice questions; in the end he didn't start laughing and tell me it was all a joke and what a pervert I was, he just thanked me and hung up, like it was indeed an official thing. A year later, another guy (or maybe it was the same guy...?) called for the same thing, same TV company. I told him that we'd already been through this, he didn't insist and didn't call back.

Is it only me who attracts complete randomness like that? I wonder.

Next post will be another Five Food Things, London Special.
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The Sherlock fans London meet-up was absolutely brilliant; I can't believe how many funny, sexy, clever, crazy and marvellous people there are in this fandom. I loved meeting each and every one of you girls, it was freaking awesome, although I do apologize for being such an insufferable spaz.

Here we are, taking Sherlock poses, or praying like Hare Krishna monks, I dunno.

Lots of fun were had, and not a single fuck was given that day.
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I'm in London, and today I had to stay home to read about differences between hinduism and buddhism, perception of time in hinduism, caste system in India and Hindu rites and rituals.


I'm doing this for Mytho and the most frustrating thing is the utterly depressing knowledge that no matter how much I research this, I'll probably still transcribe the wrong idea in the end anyway. Because I have the feeling that you have to actually *be* Hindu to really understand what the fuck all this is about.

Oh well. I guess this is *my* page 8 now.

Other subject of frustration: on the day I arrived, I visited the magnificent British Library and as I read the catalogue, I saw that Alan Moore had given a conference there... only three days earlier.

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I'm swamped! Super busy! Lots of stuff to do! Aaaaaarrrrh!

But! I'll be in London (again! SUPER YAY!) very soon, so I was wondering: do you have any recommendations for me, f-list?

What's fun to do in London? What's good to visit? What's good to eat? If you have tips and addresses to give me, I will be forever grateful and will sing your prowesses to my grandchildren, not that I'm planning to have any (grandchildren, I mean, not prowesses), nevertheless, I'm being very sincere right now.

This request goes to the British people of my f-list, but also to anyone who's been to London and did fun stuff there: please tell me! I'm open to any suggestion!
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Karmic retribution from the very good dream I had featuring Nine the other day: last night I had a weird nightmare where I was lost in the suburbs of London, without any map and the buses never took me where I wanted to go.
At some point I went through a strange funeral home that was nearby a river. Inside they stored luxury cars that were found in the river, and on the ground beside the cars were the bodies of politicians found in the vehicles. They had their hands and feet bound and lay in a fetal position.
The bodies and the cars were still wet.

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Here we go, no stupid categories, no gifs. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I needed to post this now to get started, but there will be more rec posts to come, if only to get some organization in all the stuff I've faved (and believe me, it goes on forever!).
Most of it is Sherlock/John slash, except when I make the precision it's otherwise.

Comments, as always, are appreciated ^^

Under the cut there be recs )

So there. That sould keep you occupied for a bit, at least until I return!
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"The world is confusing. There's no doubt about it. And what I mean by being on good terms with pleasure is that you have to be honest with yourself. You have to talk to this essential, animal part of you -- the beast within! It's a very simple creature, and you ignore it at your peril. You have to say... You know, 'cause the bad part of you, it only... It's very simple. It just has one demand, really. It just says, "MORE! MORE YUMMY STUFF! LESS BAD STUFF! Yummy, yummy, yummy."

This is the main dialogue going on within us all our lives. Constant dialogue between yummy, yummy and boo-hoo.

"Yummy, yummy, boo-hoo, I had too much, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, I feel bad, boo-hoo, boo-hoo -- I'm better, oh, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy."

And very occasionally the rational mind intervenes and says, "Hang on a minute."

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Back to Paris and I won't lie, I feel kind of sad I left. I hope this post will help me with my grieving! *sigh*

Cakes, executions, Camden, chick peas and flowers )
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This is only part 1, actually )


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