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1: What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before?

-I finished my first complete comics series. One that didn’t get dropped before the entire story was told. That was certainly a first.
-Oh yeah I joined a comics authors’ union (and it didn’t go too well, in the sense that I was pretty useless there)
-I tried to go vegetarian, or at least flexitarian. It’s not all completely going according to plan, but I’m making a lot of efforts. I cut off dairy products as well, more for digestion reasons than anything else, and that at least was a success.
-shotgun convention, where I made a fanzine, printed only a limited number of copies out, and sold everything in one day at a convention. It was the best idea ever.
-X-rayed my feet
-got sort of hit on in an onsen in Japan by a drunken lady ; it was really funny
-Also I obtained my 10-years immigration card !
-And there was a certain trip I went on but more on that below

2: Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

To tell the truth I kept none of them. One of them was : be more responsible, and I really don’t think I’ve achieved that. Also, « keep my bedroom clean as much as possible » and… hahaha. Yeah. No.

3: Did anyone close to you give birth?

OMG yes and it was the weirdest shit ever. Because it was a childhood friend to whom I can’t say I’m super close, exactly, but we get along really well, we’re somehow very alike and we’ve followed very similar paths in life… up to this point. So when her baby was born I was super weirded out, because it felt like it was something that had happened to me in an alternate universe, and on some level I felt sorry for me ? Like, the alternate universe me who had a baby ? Because I’m pretty sure it ruined her life as much as it would have ruined mine. Anyway. Super bizarre.

4: Did anyone close to you die?


5: What countries did you visit?

JAPAN. Trip of a lifetime. Felt a little weird at first because of all the expectations and fantasies I used to have about it. And when I arrived I didn’t take enough time to recover from jetlag so in the first few days I was kind of tired and depressed, but in retrospect it was a very good trip, even the times where I was off my tits with jetlag

I also went back to Mauritius in the summer but that’s not really the important part, that was just the usual with my family doing their best to get on my nerves.

6: What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016?

Enough money to clear my debts… ? Also a published book, I didn’t have one this year.

7: What dates from 2016 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

18th of April, in Japan, where HunterxHunter was published in the Shônen Jump. It was very emotional for me.
And the few days I spent in Miyajima. It was so magical and out of this world.

8: What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Definitely completing my comics series Rhapsody, and also the third volume of Geek & Girly. It was huge for me. And that fanzine I managed to print and sell almost all by myself.

9: What was your biggest failure?

Completely failed to be more responsible as I said before
Haven’t sent my novel to a publisher, haven’t finished my other novel either. I haven’t lost hope or will to do so, I just need more time.

10: Did you suffer illness or injury?

In March I hurt my back pretty badly somehow, just before going to Japan which, if I hadn’t met the very best physiotherapist in Paris who completely cured me after only a few sessions, the whole trip would have been a real goddamn bitch, what with all the horrible futons I had to sleep on throughout the country.
In Miyajima I managed to hurt my knee while climbing down a mountain, which again would have been a bitch for the rest of my trip if I hadn’t gone to see a Japanese physical therapist who didn’t speak a word of English. The conversation in my shitty Japanese and gibberish will be something I’ll remember for the years to come (here’s another first : going to see the doctor in Japan)

Stand up like a soldier baby / Yeah I know you're built like that )
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I am so SICK of myself sometimes jesus

I was stuck in a rut with work and out of nowhere there’s this Italian artist who came to me to ask if I could be her scriptwriter; I check out her work, it’s quite good

So we chatted, and I thought, I wanna do something with Mongols, and I could make them gay Mongols, but also let’s add a whole bunch of politics and conspiracies because I love that shit, right

So I imagine a first storyline that’s quite simple because I haven’t gotten down to reseach yet, and i try to explain it to her via Skype, and I don’t know if it’s a problem of language or what but she says she understands nothing

I tell her, it's okay, maybe you'll understand better once I've written it down

And now I'm stuck again and I have zero motivation to work on the fucking thing -- I also have zero motivation to work on the rest of the stuff I have to do

Why does everything have to be so hard

I need people who feel excited by the stories I invent for them, that's what motivates me, but if I have to fucking drag their weight around as well I just lose all will to do anything, give me SOMETHING to get fuel in my tank fucking hell, I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT I AM AN ARTISTBABY CHANGE ME MY ARTISTNAPPIES

Where's my Akaashi when I need him I want one get me one

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Guys, there is a strong possibility that very soon I'll be able to travel to





Holy shit

I'm gonna buy



I've been thirsting for it for so long jesus christ

Oh, yeah, and also, I finally got my ten-year French immigration card. No big. I've only toiled and suffered for more than six years (more than twelve, if I count my years of uni) to obtain it but it's fine (call me THE MOST PERSISTENT MOTHERFUCKER you know, humor me)

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Meme piqué à [ profile] jainas !

1. Votre fandom de l'année
J'ai écrit une seule fic en 2015, pour le fandom Kingsman, mais je dois dire que je me sens chez moi dans le tout petit fandom Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell où je me suis aussi fait quelques amis.

2. Votre film préféré vu cette année
Mad Max: Fury Road. Quelle claque. Quelle nostalgie pour le vrai cinéma que j'aime.

3. Votre livre préféré lu cette année

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, et The Ladies of Grace Adieu de Susanna Clarke (ce dernier que j'ai même probablement préféré!)

4. Votre album/chanson préféré écouté cette année
Ferma Zitella de Ludovico Enaudi
Je l'ai écoutée en boucle quand j'ai bossé comme jeune fille au pair dans le Sud et je m'imaginais être en Italie.

5. Votre série télé préférée vue cette année
Doctor Who
Non je déconne: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
Et en anime j'ai découvert Haikyuu!! que j'aime passionnément, c'est vachement bien comme série! Je m'oblige à laisser passer les semaines pour pouvoir en mater plein d'un coup et essayer de pas me prendre un méchant cliffhanger dans la gueule

6. Votre communauté LJ/DW préférée de l'année
J'ai été active sur [ profile] amours_de_fans cette année, pour changer! Et j'ai même produit des recs pas trop mauvaises, même si à chaque fois j'ai pris cent ans à les écrire

6.5 Votre webcomic préféré de l'année

Je ne lis jamais de webcomics (pour diverses raisons) mais j'ai découvert Jo en 2015 et j'ai beaucoup aimé

7. Votre BD préférée de l’année
Ptain je sais même pas si j'en ai lu, dis-donc
Qu'est-ce que j'ai lu en 2015 en BD?? La colle... (bravo la meuf dont c'est supposé être le boulot O____o)

8. Votre découverte de l'année en fandom

J'ai découvert Bertie Carvel comme acteur (et comme militant de gauche, quel homme merveilleux) et je veux désormais suivre sa carrière
Et aussi Tom Hardy et les chiens.

9. Votre plus grosse déception de l'année en fandom
Spectre; film attendu pendant 3 ans (TROIS ANS) et qui s'avère en fait être nul à chier au final

10. Votre petit ami de fiction de l'année
Jonathan Strange (mon husbando)

11. Votre petite amie de fiction de l'année

Arabella Strange (ma waifu)

12. Vos moments de squee de l'année
Kingsman; Mr Darcy qui massacre des fondamentalistes dans une église en ayant l'air sexy -- et puis après toutes les interviews où le jeune Taron Egerton fangirlisait À MORT sur Colin Firth en le regardant avec les yeux de l'amour, et toutes les interviews en solo où Taron Egerton en profitait pour dire à quel point Colin Firth c'était le plus beau et le plus merveilleux... et après quand j'ai appris que le même Taron jouait l'amant de Tom Hardy dans Legend (soon. SOON). Du coup après j'ai développé un truc que j'ai pas trop compris pour Tom Hardy... je me suis tapé plein d'œuvres de sa filmographie cet été pour me sentir mieux, toujours quand je bossais comme au pair
Les explosions dans Mad Max (TOUT, dans Mad Max, en fait)
Au début de l'été, attendre chaque semaine un nouvel épisode de Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (j'étais déjà complètement accro). En faire un moment spécial, avec des pâtisseries et du thé. Ne pas rusher mon visionnage, apprécier au maximum.
En septembre-octobre, lire le bouquin de Susanna Clarke, et le serrer contre mon cœur à chaque fois que Jonathan... était juste Jonathan.
Découvrir que Jonathan est du même type MBTI que moi, ENFP, et enfin m'identifier à un personnage de fiction et pouvoir m'en faire un étendard.
Explorer un peu plus de cet univers chaque soir, quelques pages à la fois seulement, là aussi savourer au maximum. Faire pareil avec The Ladies of Grace Adieu reçu pour mon anniversaire.
Me bouffer toute la saison 1 de Haikyuu!! d'un coup malgré des deadlines à tenir, me sentir motivée à mort, mourir de mignonitude pour tous les persos de cet anime
Et enfin en fin d'année découvrir Babylon de Danny Boyle (où Bertie Carvel joue aussi) et tout regarder en restant accrochée à mon siège

13. Le vieux fandom qui vous manque le plus
Le fandom de Sherlock restera à jamais le meilleur fandom dans lequel j'ai jamais été, mais après The Abominable Bride je ne veux plus entendre parler de cette série; c'est comme pour Doctor Who, c'est bon, c'est mort et enterré pour moi, je vais juste chérir ce que j'ai déjà aimé et oublier le reste. (non je n'ai pas compté The Abominable Bride comme une déception, vu que je n'en attendais RIEN... et ils ont quand même réussi à me foutre en rogne, les connards)

14. Le fandom que vous n'avez pas encore essayé, mais vous en avez l'intention
J'espère que Legend a un bon fandom (je me suis fait une raison, je suis vouée à souffrir en n'entrant que dans des fandoms minuscules toute ma vie XD); en tout cas j'entends bien lire les fics
Et j'ai adoré Babylon aussi, une série policière de Danny Boyle sortie en 2014 -- série que je n'ai commencé à mater que parce que j'avais lu des fics, et c'était des fics TROP. BIEN. Par contre... voilà quoi, hyper-minuscule fandom, pas beaucoup de fics. Et il n'y aura sans doute pas de saison 2 de la série, ce qui est sérieusement nul.

15. Vos plus grandes espérances de fan pour la nouvelles année

Legend, donc, qui sort le 20 janvier (j'espère vraiment qu'il est bien)
Heuuuuuu le reste de la saison 2 de Haikyuu!! que j'ai entamée et qui est déjà très bien(?)
Je sais pas, j'ai pas énormément d'attentes fandomesques pour 2016; JS&MN n'aura pas de suite, la suite en bouquin n'est annoncée nulle part, pas de suite de Babylon comme je l'ai dit plus haut...

HA! Si: la saison 3 de Peaky Blinders... dont je ne sais absolument pas QUAND elle va être diffusée (et j'ai grand peur que ce soit à la fin de l'année, urgh). J'ai un gros boner pour cette série, par contre j'anticipe énormément qui Tommy va épouser (et si jamais le personnage de Charlotte Riley, May Carleton, tombe dans un trou scénaristique et on en entend plus parler, je vais être ultra vénère). Si Tommy épouse Grace et qu'il la trompe avec May parce que c'est May qu'il aime vraiment, ça me va. May est un personnage tellement mille fois plus intéressant que l'autre blonde, là... pfffff

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Answered all the questions in this meme on tumblr, cos why the hell not

1: What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before?

-Working as an au pair (for three months)
-Negotiating two publishing contracts at the same time.
-Buying dresses online
-Taking care of a plant

2: Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

Let's see, my resolutions last year were:
-ask for my French nationality -- didn't happen but I did ask for a 10-years immigration permit
-write and create more easily -- well these past months have been quite good in terms of doing my job and not in a too painful way, so yeah, one point for me
-read more books -- that didn't happen. Last year I read about 30 books, this year it was around half that.
-pay my debts -- I only started doing that, but didn't clear my slate entirely (I'm actually far from that)

Futures tricked by the past )
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I don't think I've ever bought so many clothes/accessories/fashion stuff for myself in one year. This below is a sort of "mood board" because I need futile things that make me happy right now; here is my year in "fashion" (as far as the term applies to me... XD)

To the disco inside your head )
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L'aveu d'Athos à d'Artagnan concernant l'exécution de son ex-femme (et la fleur de lis et tout le reste) est une scène horrible, awkward et poignante, ça m'a tué de feels; parce qu'Athos en parle d'abord en disant que c'est arrivé à un """"""ami""""""" à lui et c'est douloureusement transparent que c'est bien de lui qu'il s'agit ("Un de mes amis, un de mes amis, entendez-vous bien ! pas moi, dit Athos en s'interrompant avec un sourire sombre" ... oh, Athos :(((( ), sauf peut-être à d'Artagnan qui de prime abord ne remet pas cette prémisse en question... jusqu'à ce qu'Athos parle de l'accident où "l'ami" découvre la fleur de lis (ce qui se passe après est décrit en une seule phrase, et pour moi d'une brutalité infinie: "-Le comte était un grand seigneur, il avait sur ses terres droit de justice basse et haute, il acheva de déchirer les habits de la comtesse, il lui lia les mains derrière le dos et la pendit à un arbre"). Et là, l'échange qui m'a fait un coup au coeur:

"- Ciel ! Athos ! un meurtre ! s'écria d'Artagnan.
- Oui, un meurtre, pas davantage, dit Athos pâle comme la mort."

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Ca fait au moins deux jours que je n'ai pas cité tout ce putain de bouquin, il faut que j'y remédie: je suis arrivée (avec une trépidation certaine) au chapitre intitulée "La femme d'Athos" et je peux vous dire que RIGHT IN THE FEELS (attention ça va être KILOMÉTRIQUE je vous préviens)

Dumas delivers. ALWAYS. )
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Title: We Can't Stop
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Artist/Song: "We Can't Stop" by Bastille (Miley Cyrus cover)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock, John and Mary make my heart bleed. Although this vid is more about Sherlock and his relationship to John that's bound to change since John is marrying Mary; so it's sort of slashy and sort of angsty idek leave me alone
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: This is pretty much all of the Sign of Three that I crammed into one fanvid, it's even in chronological order
Notes: I sort of slap-dashed this fanvid together because I really, really wanted to make a fanvid about this glorious episode and I really, really wanted to use this particular Bastille gem with it
Made with Windows Live Movie Maker, it was the first time I used it and it was very limited so the editing is a bit basic -- but still, the song matches completely

Vimeo link: (1080 p, watch in HD!)

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Nevermind The Empty Hearse, wasn't The Sign of Three AN AWESOME EPISODE OR WHAT?????????

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1. Votre fandom de l'année

Je reste fidèle à Sherlock, je me suis un peu plus enfoncée dans la nerditude avec le fandom de Doctor Who (j'ai vu le film de 1996 et The Five Doctors, et je compte même entamer Classic Who... gloups)... mais je dirais que cette année mon fandom préféré a été Tumblr. Le féminisme, les conneries, la social justice, la fangirlitude, le San Diego Comic Con, les flower crowns et même les dramas: cette année, Tumblr, j'ai été fan de toi. Tu déchires.
Une petite fanvid de rétrospective sur du Ke$ha parce que ça le vaut bien:

La suite sous cut parce que c'est long )
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Hey LJ,

I miss you. This place sure looks abandoned, what with the advertisements and the same icon everywhere when I used to change it with each new post and the banner that hasn't been changed since forever either. It needs a bit of brushing-up, true.

Not that it's news or anything, but I'm working a lot. Not very good or fulfulling work, at that. Need the money to eat, et cetera. So I need to regroup a bit, center myself, and this is the place to do it, isn't it? Always been. Tumblr is fun and all, but my true heart belongs to you, LJ (sucks for you, I know, Tumblr gets the mindless fangirling and you get the long whining posts).

Hey, did you know I went to Italy for my holidays? For the first time, too. All on my own, fifteen days. Just came back. Naples, Rome, Florence, Lucca, and Venice. And I saw Pompeii. God, Pompeii is so fucking incredible. And so is Venice. Such gorgeous places, such impossibilities. I still haven't quite come down from that particular high yet I guess, I just hope I won't crash too hard when the inevitable return to earth will come.

Anyway. In an attempt to "center myself", I wanted to post pictures of the wall behind my desk, which basically serves as a mood/inspiration catalyst, and represents quite well my state of mind as well as my aesthetics. Sort of.

Cold night, strange dreams, memory stuck like glue )
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taolac strip part 1
taolac strip part 2

Indeed I don't know you, but hey, thanks for the guilt trip all the same, it's a lovely feeling.

PSA: If you friended me just to get Art of Love and Cooking (aka my Puckurt food porn fic) updates, guys, just go to my AO3 page (here: ). I don't know when I'll update that fic again, I'll probably turn it into an original story at some point, I have no idea -- for now I need to concentrate on getting money to survive. So yeah. If I ever update it, it's probably more convenient for you to get it through AO3 e-mail alerts or something.
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Something I've posted on Tumblr that I need to post here too:

I’m… very, very invested in this #savethehour campaign. Ridiculously so. The Hour is a show that touched me a lot. It’s not perfect, it has its flaws, but I feel completely drawn to it for reasons I can’t even explain (well, the directing indeed is flawless, and so is the acting, and the overall cinematography is stunningly beautiful, so those reasons are good enough I guess). I get emotional just looking at gif sets when I check the tag on Tumblr. It’s the show that has revealed Ben Whishaw’s talent to me (and fuck but that guy is the most brilliant actor I’ve ever seen). I didn’t want to go see Skyfall at first and when I learned that he was in it, I went running to the nearest cinema.

His character Freddie Lyon is incredible. I can’t explain why exactly either. He just feel very real, very human, tangible, like someone you might know. He’s complex: idealistic, brilliant, but also a morally ambiguous, manipulative asshole, sharp as a knife but also full of subtleties (reminding me somehow of a young Alain Delon as Tom Ripley in Purple Noon by René Clément, one of my favourite films ever). I bawled my eyes out at the end of series 2, all because of the perfect symbiosis between Ben Whishaw and Freddie Lyon. Any other actor and it probably wouldn’t have been such a punch to the gut. And I want more of it. More punches to the gut, please.

And then there’s Romola Garai and her character Bel Rowley, both of whom I desperately crush on. She is —they both are — in Freddie’s words, exquisite. Such charisma is rarely seen on television (don’t even get me started on all the other fantastic actors on this show, from Dominic West to Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi and Oona Chaplin, oh my god do they grow them on trees in the UK or what, how is it possible to have such a high concentration of quality acting on such a small screen??), and I want more of that, all of that, too.

I recommended The Hour to most people I know, even wrote a glittering review about it in the French magazine I work for. When I learned through Tumblr that the BBC might not commission a third series, I immediately wrote to them through their website to tell them how good it was, how much I loved it and that I really hoped there would be more episodes soon. And then the official anouncement came out, the very same day, that the show was axed.

Immediately, I signed the petition that’s been going around, and even created myself a Twitter account just to participate to the #savethehour trending effort. I’ve been regularly checking that the petition was gaining more and more signatures too (seriously, I keep refreshing the page, it’s ridiculous, technically I have other things to do with my life).

I don’t usually do this, and I wouldn’t do this for any other show. But The Hour is quality. As a comics author, I’ve had a comics series stopped after only the second volume came out because the books didn’t sell enough. It was one of the most horrible, heartbreaking moments of my (still young) life. There was nothing I could do about it, and I loved my story and my characters but nothing could save them at the time and I had to let them go. I don’t know if it’s why I’m so emotionally involved in what’s happening to The Hour, but I feel that at least for this one fight, there is hope. That the fans can actually do something about it and make a difference. Let them feel the power of our love!

tl;dr : If you also love The Hour and want a third series, you can sign the petition and spread it around:

You can also write to the BBC, or join the page on Facebook, and if you have a Twitter account, get #savethehour trending!

If you don’t know the show, I urge you to watch it and then give it your support because there is a good chance that you will fall in love with it like I did.

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I've turned 27 today (er, yesterday, as it's two in the morning of the 31st of october right now) and this birthday was the coolest thing ever since the last one.

As always, so spoiled, SO SPOILED OMG )

Thank you guys for all your gifts and vows ([ profile] falling_voices, [ profile] coloredink, I heart you my lovelies!), you made this birthday very, very special to me, and I think I'm going to carry a smile as big as Nine's for at least a whole month!

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*pterodactyl noises*

Rachel is working on the pages of the first scene from the second volume of Mytho, featuring a new character and my darling beloved Martial whom I love a little too much for his own good (that means I will make him suffer a lot because that is how I show my love as a storywriter apparently)

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This is a bit old but I've just found it; Charlie Brooker interviews TV writers who talk about their creative process, and there's Russell T. Davies and Graham Linehan among them.

(Here are the other parts: part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 )
It's extremely interesting and also comforting to hear other writers going on about how difficult it is to write professionally and what kind of violence you have to do to yourself to get down to it, and what a brutal, horrifying process it is. I feel much better now that I've heard other people (especially Davies) describe how miserable they are when they're working on a script, and how much they hate writing but love "having written".

I also found a cool article written by Brooker for The Guardian that completely applies to me:

And finally, this quote:

“All writers are vain, selfish, and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” (George Orwell)
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Image 5

*stares lovingly* *sighs* So beautiful.

Just a few more days before final deadline. I might be puking of excitement in a bit.
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Okay so I started watching Suits

Which is basically a show about a borderline-Asperger's pot smoking genius with ~feelings and a yuppie asshole without ~feelings who are in a relationship and who try to make their relationship work

And the show is called Suits because the yuppie asshole buys his Asperger's genius designer suits because he loves him even though he doesn't have ~feelings

And the Asperger's genius gets into all sorts of crappy situations because he ~cares so much and sometimes inadvertently hurts the yuppie asshole's ~feelings which he doesn't have, so the yuppie asshole has to threaten people and get jealous and save his socially awkward boyfriend from the clutches of whatever corporate villain of the week who tried to screw him

And there's Gina Torres who's really fucking sexy in it

And I'm making a lot of ridiculous noises watching it, noises that sound a bit like "meep" and "coo" it's really weird

I guess it's mainly a show about ~feelings you know
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I've bought myself the complete Buffy DVD box set, from season 1 to 7, and I'm rewatching the whole thing these days between bouts of hard work... God it's so brilliant; 15 years after the show was created, it still rocks my world. Joss you bastard.
(yes my pyjamas have teacups on them, I'm hip like that)
You already know you love these characters, and when you see them again in action, when they speak and do awesome stuff, you remember just HOW MUCH, and it's like a punch in the gut except you like it.

If you also like BtVS and if, like me (and many other fangirls), you love Spike, you HAVE to see this fanvid made by [ profile] bradcpu, it's one of the best I've ever seen in any given fandom, and also an incredibly spot-on character study (the song fits Spike so much it breaks my brain). I rewatch it very regularly, and it gives me goosebumps every single time:


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