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Cover of the second volume of Mytho, due to come out on the 15th of April in France. The focus of the story is on Martial, a little fat kid destined to be Ares the Greek god of War. We've also thrown in a bit of Athena (hiiiiii <3 I love her in this book, she's a magnificent villain) and robot minotaur -- it's awesome.

And another project with Zimra (same artist as the one who did the cover above) about a little chef called Sauge (which means "sage" in French), it's going to be cute as hell
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Companion piece to this:
I'm trying to un-block my art block by drawing directly with a quill pen and without a pre-sketch; it's somehow liberating
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I had fun drawing that one. I luuuuurve that character.
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Three of a kind
Birds of a feather
Now and forever!

Happy Halloween everyone! :D
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*pterodactyl noises*

Rachel is working on the pages of the first scene from the second volume of Mytho, featuring a new character and my darling beloved Martial whom I love a little too much for his own good (that means I will make him suffer a lot because that is how I show my love as a storywriter apparently)

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My favourite archer boy, I've missed him a bit!
Still trying out stuff and actually having fun with this new digital inking thing

Arm Candy

Oct. 22nd, 2012 01:52 pm
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The perfect couple!
They actually hate each other's guts, but in a sibling rivalry kind of way (and they're not actually a couple).
Sometimes they're stuck together during official events and they have to put up a good face... But they're not putting a lot of effort into it either.
Okay, okay, I'll admit, I just wanted to draw Anubis in a tux.
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Trying my hand at digital inking between bouts of writing and episodes of Teen Wolf. Hmmmm.
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Ou achetez le en ligne ici:

Ou ici:

Mais privilégiez votre libraire si vous pouvez, c'est plus sympa pour lui :)

Par contre n'hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires clients sur les sites au-dessus si vous avez lu le bouquin, ça peut vachement nous aider (et on en a besoin!)

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Oekaki, trying my hand on a character that Rachel has yet to design so I'm having a bit of fun for now. Klimtian ambience, yeah!
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Image 5

*stares lovingly* *sighs* So beautiful.

Just a few more days before final deadline. I might be puking of excitement in a bit.
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Guys, thank you very much for the opinions that you gave on a previous poll for Mytho's first volume's cover. In the end we had to go for something a bit different, but we still incorporated some kind of symmetry, which seemed to work well in the first version that most of you voted for!
So, without further ado, here is the final version of our cover, approved by our editor:

Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods )
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Now that Kâlî has finally made her appearance in "god mode" in Tchô!, I'm allowed to share with you this fanart drawn by [ profile] pollums (she did it for an art trade with me):

I love everything about it, from the composition to the colours, plus they look so cute together!! Polly is such an amazing artist it kills me <3
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You're all welcome to give your opinion on this, guys: Rachel and I are working on a cover for the first volume of [Poll #1829902]

It really doesn't matter if you don't know anything about cover art or comics or whatever, we really need all the opinions we can get, just tell us what works for you or not. If you can explain your choice in the comments (even if you have never commented on this journal before) it would be even better (but of course it's not at all compulsory).
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I'm afraid I'll post a lot of stuff about mah job because I'm very, very satisfied with it these days - I may as well capitalize on the feeling.
Once I wrote here that I worked with magicians. To be more precise, my job is to produce toads so that they can transform them into beautiful princes. I don't always draw storyboards, but when I do, it's always quite astonishing to see the difference between them and how amazing it turns out in the end.
Remember, for the editorial page of Tchô! magazine here was my toad:

If this is just the beginnin' )

So Rachel sent me back this, and it's also what we sent to the editor in chief of the magazine for validation (it's in French, though, sorry) (pour les francophones, sachez que le thème était "les rois de la récré", on s'est amusées à en faire une métaphore filée -- cliquez pour lire):

My life is gonna be bee-yoo-tee-ful )

The editor was very happy, gave us brownie points and green light to proceed.
And it all ended up looking like this (clicky to see biggy):

I've sunshine enough to spread )

As for Mytho, Rachel has started to draw the chapter where Chami appears, we're super excited about it (we were also excited about the previous chapters, and the ones to come too, now that I think about it...). This is the one on which I've been working on a really long time, only to board the first 15 pages. Here's the upper part of the first page of my board:

It's just like the fella said )

And here's Rachel's work in progress:

Tell me quick, ain't that a kick in the head? )


Jan. 25th, 2012 08:52 am
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New character for Mytho, called Malina. Initially I wanted her to appear only once in the comics and give hints about her sad backstory, she wasn't a very important character back when I first created her... and now she's kind of essential to the plot with major importance and shit. I JUST LOVE EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS PROJECT AND HAVE TO GIVE THEM A STORY DON'T JUDGE ME.

Anyway, Rachel is researching her design; here's how I used to conceive her:

Threading the glacier head )

And here's Rachel's research:

Looking hard for moments of shine )

Isn't it beauuuuuuutiful? *0*

Rachel has also sent me the definitive pages for the Isis/Anubis scene, and it's aaaabsolutely perfect; intense and wrong just like we wanted, I'm very happy with it -- it's the exact tone we want to set for the more serious parts of the story in a nutshell. MY JOB. I LOVE IT.
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Storyboard of the editorial page of Tchô! magazine. And yes, I get paid to do this crap. Hell yeah. My job is awesome.
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All this time I've been blabbering about Mytho here, I don't think I've ever told you what the actual story was about...
Thankfully, Rachel corrected that in style and drew this comic strip for a video games magazine she works for:

Other than that, about 2 500 more words written for that fucking threesome fic, an update is to follow anytime soon. The tragic thing is, I think I don't know how to write anymore. Words! Phrases! How do they work? I don't even remember how to write porn! /firstworldproblems
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Last post about mah work and then I'll stop bothering you. Under the cut is a quick glimpse of what I've been up to for the past few weeks: chapter 3 of Mytho's storyboard. Normally Rachel storyboards my scripts by herself, but since we're a bit running out of time on our schedule, I'm helping her out. It's been a veeeeery long time since I've last storyboarded anything (about two years, actually), and I'm very, very slow. So this is why I haven't updated much lately, except to squee about random stuff.
Anyway, here's what the fruit of my hard labor looks like (they're random pages and don't necessarily follow one another)

Party rock is in the hoooooouuuuuuse toniiiiiight... )


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