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Having fun with post-it notes on the door to our water closet
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My friend Din did this meme today and it inspired me; I'm not much of a fashionista (or fashion anything) but I do like dressing up.

"Home" look is Survey Corps hoodie from Attack on Titan, old wifebeater, yoga pants, funny-colored toed socks in tongs

"Work" look is generally similar to the "Home" one since I mostly work at home but I took it in the sense of "casual chic/when I actually go out to network/to do book signings/to sign contracts" and it's black pants and cardigan, 50s-style bright red top (think Christina Hendricks in Mad Men) and a big white flower barrette in my hair, with red lipstick and nail polish.

"Play" look is one of my favourite dresses but I can't wear it anymore, unfortunately, it doesn't fit me now :((( (woe). I wore this look when I went out clubbing at a gay night club in Paris and to this day it's one of my favourite outfits, very fun and very "me", loud and outrageous and slightly distasteful -- all in all it shouldn't work but I think it does. The shoes are Mickey Mouse gumboots lended by my roommate Rachel at the time.
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taolac strip part 1
taolac strip part 2

Indeed I don't know you, but hey, thanks for the guilt trip all the same, it's a lovely feeling.

PSA: If you friended me just to get Art of Love and Cooking (aka my Puckurt food porn fic) updates, guys, just go to my AO3 page (here: ). I don't know when I'll update that fic again, I'll probably turn it into an original story at some point, I have no idea -- for now I need to concentrate on getting money to survive. So yeah. If I ever update it, it's probably more convenient for you to get it through AO3 e-mail alerts or something.
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We went to see the final Twilight movie. A lot of fun was had by everyone. Except the other people in the movie theater. I wish I could say I felt sorry for them, but I really, really didn't.

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Trying my hand at digital inking between bouts of writing and episodes of Teen Wolf. Hmmmm.
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Srs interview about Mytho with srs journalist today. Here's what I wore:

Oekaki interview style

It seems all I do these days is post about Suits and draw oekakis about what I'm wearing, sorry! I really wish I could write fic or post fandom stuff, but I HAVE NO TIME AT ALL! ALL I DO IS WORK I'M GOING MAD!
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Oekaki, trying my hand on a character that Rachel has yet to design so I'm having a bit of fun for now. Klimtian ambience, yeah!
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90s revival

I have no idea what I'm singing really loud in public most of the time, until I do, and then it's too late.
Ditto singing NIN's "Closer". True story.
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So, yeah, I saw Prometheus. Suffice to say I was not pleased.


Please don't tell me that the film "brings more questions than answers" and that I didn't understand its point. It's not about the "metaphysical" questions that don't find answers, it's about basic common logic that just doesn't work in the plot. There are movies that are supposed to be a bit obscure and provoke questions and thoughts, and then there's just shoddy writing. Guess in which category Prometheus falls in.

Rant continues under the cut )

And this review by Maddox, you don't even have the complete list all the plotholes and incoherences and logic!fails contained in Prometheus. I swear, I could list even more of them. God.

I don't understand this era we live in. No, honestly, I don't. This crap, a prequel to The Thing, a remake of Total Recall... Why? Is our age the doom of pop culture? Where we keep repeating stuff and make it less interesting that it was?

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I've bought myself the complete Buffy DVD box set, from season 1 to 7, and I'm rewatching the whole thing these days between bouts of hard work... God it's so brilliant; 15 years after the show was created, it still rocks my world. Joss you bastard.
(yes my pyjamas have teacups on them, I'm hip like that)
You already know you love these characters, and when you see them again in action, when they speak and do awesome stuff, you remember just HOW MUCH, and it's like a punch in the gut except you like it.

If you also like BtVS and if, like me (and many other fangirls), you love Spike, you HAVE to see this fanvid made by [ profile] bradcpu, it's one of the best I've ever seen in any given fandom, and also an incredibly spot-on character study (the song fits Spike so much it breaks my brain). I rewatch it very regularly, and it gives me goosebumps every single time:
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I love you, pretty new shoes. Y u no love me back? ;^;
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It is my firm belief that reading gay porn makes me MIGHTY.
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Oekakiiiiiiii! I'm back from Singapore where I bought the cutest Dorothy Perkins dress, and today mah homegirl Steph will be performing a girlvention on hopeless me to buy shoes that go with it.

OHMAHGAD, shoes! I've never felt so girly in my life!


And as a result... )
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One of my friends, Selkys, has started a journey to the past by drawing her old characters, and it's inspired me to do the same.
Under the cut is all the stuff from my brain's attic, old projects, old fantasies, stuff that has been recycled into something else or that has been dropped forever. It's been a very long time since I've drawn those characters, it felt quite emotional.

Leeeet's doooo the tiiiime waaaarp agaaaaain! )
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So yeah, we finished watching Puella Magi Magica Madoka and, well... I remain unconvinced. The main good thing about it is that it made me wanna work on Pomi Pomi Pilulu again.

Magical girls are cool. <3
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I need to calm the fuck down.
I'm a pile of raw nerves and stress and I can't go on like this.

Oh, and I drew this the other day:

My contribution to the Cumberdragon madness.
I discovered I kind of sucked at drawing dragons, but it doesn't matter, ultimately, does it?

Tomorrow, back to London. Thank God for that.
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A little porny thing I drew to celebrate the fact that I had 150 followers on tumblr. I won't do it with every 50 people more deciding to follow the tumblr, but I happen to like the number 150 -- it's the number of the issue in which Mytho will premiere, hee.

So, anyway: Sherlock/? (it can be whoever you want, really. I'd personnally go for Sherlock/John but you can have fun imagining to whom the hand in the picture belongs); Not Safe For Work, NC-17.

A blueprint Of the pleasure In me )
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No horrible nightmares, just a really good day today. I know how to treat myself well.

So yeah, I've finally started reading A Study In Scarlet, and I'm surprised myself at how much I love it. Of course I'm very aware that fandom has ruined me forever because I'm reading it as if it were a fanfic and squeeing pretty much at every page, but still. Gatiss, Moffat, Ritchie, just... make them gay officially, okay? Like, married and shit. ACD would approve like a mofo from the depths of his grave, I swear. EVEN IN CANON THEY ARE SO ADORABLE TOGETHER I CAN'T EVEN.

No Sunday Porn today because I'm smashed because of all the sun and fresh air, my life is so hard. But I'll probably have stuff to show you tomorrow.
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Karmic retribution from the very good dream I had featuring Nine the other day: last night I had a weird nightmare where I was lost in the suburbs of London, without any map and the buses never took me where I wanted to go.
At some point I went through a strange funeral home that was nearby a river. Inside they stored luxury cars that were found in the river, and on the ground beside the cars were the bodies of politicians found in the vehicles. They had their hands and feet bound and lay in a fetal position.
The bodies and the cars were still wet.


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