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Ooooh this is good stuff -- this is EXACTLY the kind of eroticism and sensuality I like (bonus points for the woman in power, hell yes), Tom Burke is delicious in it (especially with that kind of lighting dear god, and might I add, his full frontal is VERY NICE), wow wow wow, FIVE STARS

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My favourite archer boy, I've missed him a bit!
Still trying out stuff and actually having fun with this new digital inking thing

Arm Candy

Oct. 22nd, 2012 01:52 pm
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The perfect couple!
They actually hate each other's guts, but in a sibling rivalry kind of way (and they're not actually a couple).
Sometimes they're stuck together during official events and they have to put up a good face... But they're not putting a lot of effort into it either.
Okay, okay, I'll admit, I just wanted to draw Anubis in a tux.

Ciao bello

Apr. 7th, 2012 10:50 am
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I'm in New Zealand trying to fight jet lag by watching the first episode of Julian Fellowes's Titanic TV series (thanks to the ever adorable [ profile] evildrem) and I'm finding this guy

INSANELY attractive. I don't even understand why, he's not exactly my type, but every time he's onscreen I find it difficult to concentrate on the dialogue . Plus I have a weakness for serious, dependable elder brothers who take care of their younger brothers, you know I have.

PLEASE do not die, Gorgeous Italian Hunk. I couldn't care less about your brother so far, but after only two scenes with you I think it would pain me very much to see you drown.
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Dude, gaydar is in perfect working order. AND I love being right.
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Rachel and I have embarked on some sort of meme, in which we're removing Anubis's clothes. Yes, it's highly intellectual. She insisted that I went first.

I wanna see you strut, strut, strut, come on walk for me )
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Geek & Girly level 3 stage 1, tackled, DONE!
Rhapsody's retakes, dealt with!
First commission, sent, approved!


And since it's been a long time since I've last touched watercolours, I decided I could draw a little something for a friend to relax a little ^^

Remember him? It's Jude Coffin, from Lydia Nyx's (a.k.a. [ profile] as_i_am) novel, Black Shore of the White City that I first presented to you here with sketches. The flowers in the background have driven me craaaaaazy, and I'm not sure that they really add to anything. =____=;;;

Old!John and Sherlock are going to get the same treatment too, watercolours baby! Woo-hoo!
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Sketches -- it's a WiP I'm working on for [ profile] as_i_am  a.k.a. Lydia Nyx. She commissioned me to draw the main characters of her upcoming novel, Black Shore of the White City. Only a chapter read so far and I'm *way* into it, it's really cool and I'm having a lot of fun working on it.

Boys! )
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The challenge was to complete this one before I went to the swimming pool. Mishun akomplish.

This is what White Collar looks like from a non-subjective, non-linear viewpoint. Nothing hurts. (although this rainbow is completely fucked-up XD) Will I ever get tired of comparing Neal Caffrey to a unicorn? Probably not.

Oekakis are fun to do in the morning. I'm taking suggestions. What do you guys want?
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And done.

So, as I said in the previous post, art trade with [ profile] pollums , she asked for Sherlock with short Cumberhair (reference here), and Sherlock/John of course. I hope you'll like it dear, and that I haven't overworked it too much ^^;;;


Fandom: BBC Sherlock, pairing: Sherlock/John, rating: NC-17, NSFW, made by moi.

Baby, can you handle this? )
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So [ profile] pollums , bless her, created this fantastic meme, and I don't have as much vision as her nor have I reflected much on the subject, but I figured it was a good way to get started at any rate.


Get under the cut at your own risk )

Aaaaaah that was fun. Thanks, Polly!
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(God those pockets under my eyes. I really need to get more sleep...! T____T)

*little dance of joy*

Yes!!! Houdini & Holmes (part 1) by the astonishing [ profile] pollums because only her could get such a brilliant idea!

And it's freaking FANTASTIC!!!!ONE!!

Of course the art is incredible, what with her flowy sexy lines and her perfect mastery of black and white, but also, and even with so little pages, she manages to create an intriguing ambiance and extremely enticing characterization. What I loved the most were the -- if you can forgive me the expression -- "couple" scenes; Harry Houdini and his wife are adorable, and I squeed out loud during the first exchange between Holmes and Watson. Polly is so so good at showing that special kind of love and tenderness, those strong underlying emotions, expressed with a simplicity that is extremely hard to achieve even for the greatest artists -- and Polly manages to do it brilliantly.

She created a charismatic Houdini as a character, and her Holmes... OMG her Holmes. Under Polly's brush, he becomes utterly fascinating, and embodies everything that I love about her way of drawing men; he's magnetic, graceful and just a bit strange... I know very little of the original character (ACD's, I mean, since I haven't really read the books) but now I'm convinced that's the way he sould be represented: Polly's Holmes is perfect.

So now you're all (understandably) jealous of me and you want to get your sticky hands all over that jewel too, well you can always order a copy of that first part (and of its sequel which is in the works) right here, clicky clicky >>>

*plants tent in front of Polly's house waiting for sequel, no pressure*
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Here's precisely what I've been looking like for the past  few days:

And for no reason in particular, which is all the more infuriating. I'm just one big ball of grump and frustration. And scaly skin.

And I was so caught up in my crankiness I forgot to tell you about Thor the movie. I've also started watching Doctor Who (the rebooted series from 2005) since about two weeks ago -- and I'm already halfway through season 4. Also, The Eagle: gay movie of the year until Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes 2, in all evidence.

Thoughts and impressions about Thor, Doctor Who and The Eagle under the cut )

Speaking of recs, giant Sherlock rec post coming soon. I was just waiting for some WiPs to finish but then I decided to hell with it; rec post for you guys on Monday, kay? I love you. Even though I'm in such a bitchy mood these days.
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My choice of icon isn't really appropriate for what follows, but let's say it's more of a wish than a statement.

Thank you, Jon Stewart, for keeping your head when the rest of the world is going insane.
This comes after one of my cousins who is training to be a pilot told me last night that there are about 10% female pilots in airline companies these days, but when you take the plane, have you ever heard a female voice saying "I'll be your captain today"? That's because if people hear a female voice saying that, they would, apparently, freak out and want to leave the plane. So even if the captain is female, it's the copilot who will make the anouncements on board. If both pilot and copilot are female, well it's one of the stewards who will be in charge of speaking to the travellers, playing the part of the captain.

All of this is quite depressing, so let's have a few minutes of Benedict in powdered wig and silk tights flirting with another man on beautiful music in order to find some solace:

This makes me want to vid, too. Augh. Procrastination, BAD!
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Also, get mindfucked by Polly here: sexuality will never be the same. é____è
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And speaking of White Collar


Never before had a fic owned its title so much: exquisite indeed! You need to have seen most of the episodes of White Collar (season 1 and season 2) to really understand what it's all about, but OH. GOD. THIS FIC.

It's NC-17 for the most part, and a threesome: Peter/Neal/Elizabeth -- don't let that stop you, it's by far the most believable threesome I've ever read in any fandom ever, and the psychology is incredibly well-developped. The way Neal is written is breath-taking, really, making him even more complex (and, somehow, messed-up) than he is in the show, but it's still well within the limits of IC. It's the kind of fic that you could apply like a filter on canon and it would fit beautifully, making you look at certain plot points in a completely new light and angle, and after reading it you won't go back, I swear, you won't be able to unsee it. Beautiful, beautiful work; and one million props more to the author for the art angle that she/he works like a true pro.

I love this with the power of epic burning things, like, explosions, and celestial bodies. <3
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Here's how every episode of White Collar goes from my point of view:


Wheeeee! \o/


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