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Le boulot a repris sur Rhapsody tome 3 dont voici une page de rough. C'est la première série qu'on me permettra de finir, et comme toute conclusion, c'est délicat à écrire. Mais j'ai des trucs sympas en réserve pour Cassandra et Adrien; notamment la question du genre d'Adrien, que je vais essayer de traiter de la façon la plus respectueuse possible.
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So I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service for the third time in two months. Colin Firth kicking arse in a good suit. Greek love and mentor/protégé relationship. Did I mention Colin Firth in a good suit (fuck me but that man is delectable and just keeps getting hotter and hotter as the years go by)? So yeah. I might have a really HUGE thing for spies and spy movies, actually.

Anyway, nothing to do with anything, second volume of my comics series Rhapsody came out in France today, and Kappou drew my favourite character to celebrate:

Cassandra is an ex-child singer who tries to make a comeback on the entertainment scene and regain her past glory. But when she meets and ends up befriending Adrienne, the other main female character, she realises there is more to herself than just "being famous".

I really really love her; she's ambitious and driven and absolutely unapologetic about what she wants in life, but she's also not as shallow and ruthless as she likes to pretend she is. Anyway. She's my baby and I love her. I ship her with Adrienne, and since I'm the author, my ship is canon.
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Final version of Rhapsody volume 2's cover, with a few things changed


And the title page. IT'S FINALLY DONE! And it's coming out on the 25th of March in France, what a beautiful baby <3
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sans-titre (3)

Les C4 de Rhapsody sont TROP PUTAIN DE SWAG tu peux pas test (celle-ci est la C4 du tome 2)

Pour rappel et juste pour le plaisir des yeux, la C4 du tome 1:

Sérieux je suis très très fière du boulot accompli.


May. 21st, 2014 02:15 pm
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Back to Paris, back to business, and I've done a bit of storyboarding for one of my comics series today; I like this page.
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C'est sorti hier mercredi 25 avril, en principe dans toutes les bonnes librairies! Chopez-le si vous en avez l'occase et dites-moi ce que vous en pensez!

Et pour se mettre en jambe, il y a ce blog de bonus et de meta autour de l'univers de Rhapsody que Kappou et moi avons mis en place pour développer un peu nos thèmes et nos persos en-dehors du bouquin, y'a plein de trucs (dessins, textes, musique...) et c'est très bien si j'ose le dire moi-même:
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Today I bring you moar Rhapsody, and moar of mah homegirl Caroline's faaaaaaaabulous inks with which I'm desperately in love:

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty )

Haaaaaaahahahaha I'm such a bitch with the artists I'm working with, I keep asking them to draw grandiose backgrounds full of details on which they spend ages... but then again, that's one of the perks of the job XD
Four more pages and we'll be done with volume 1... phew.
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(click to see a larger version)

Kappou is such a fucking incredible artist *_______* God, her inks.

Rhapsody, (c) Kappou, myself and Soleil éditions

Dis mah job

Aug. 4th, 2011 12:54 pm
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I wanted to make a huge anniversary post about Sherlock and the fandom since it's been almost a year now since I've joined the crazy, but the postponing of season 2 to next year made me too depressed for that, so I'll give some news about mah job instead.

*Am currently working on the script for the third volume of my first series, Geek & Girly. Supposedly, its publication has been stopped after the second volume, but Nephyla and I are all "fuck the police" and we'll continue it in the form of a free access webcomic. There will be an English translation of it too, so this may be of interest to you guys. If you want to know what it looks like, have a look at our trailer:

Geek & Girly trailer under the cut )

Good (?) news for the Russians of my f-list, too, because even though the series have been stopped, our editors, whose work ethic and line of editing are largely questionable, still sold the rights for it to be published and translated in Russia and Ukraine.

So you'll be able to read the first two volumes in Russian, and then you'll read the third volume in English on the interwebs, but unfortunately I doubt there will ever be a third volume in Russian.

*They actually sold the rights to the entire Strawberry/Blackberry collection to the Russians, so this means that Rhapsody will be translated and published in Russia and Ukraine as well, which in this case is kind of appropriate, given the slightly Russian vibe that permeates the series.

Just a reminder, here's what the cover of the first volume, entitled "After me comes the flood", looks like:

Cover pic under the cut )

The first volume of the series is now entirely storyboarded, to my greatest relief because we managed to cram the whole of my script in 46 pages, and it fits, thank god (I wasn't sure it would). Rhapsody will come out next year in French, I don't know when it'll be translated to Russian but I'll keep you posted about that when I get more news about it.

*Finally, Mytho: still working on it, but I have to finish the script for the first chapter of Geek & Girly 3 before I can finalize the last chapters of what will be the first volume of Mytho. Quick reminder here too, for the French people of my f-list: the first chapter will premiere in October this year in Tchô! le Mégazine, and the first volume is scheduled to hit the bookshop shelves next year, but I don't know when exactly.

I'm boss.

Apr. 24th, 2011 07:39 pm
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Good! Finished writing Rhapsody yesterday (AT LONG LAST. That script took me over A WHOLE YEAR to write! This is so not done. I don't even know why it took me so long, for a story that I had all planned out from the beginning) tonight I'll re-read it, correct it, maybe add more directions for the artist, and then on Monday I'll be free!... from that story at least. Well from the story of the series' first volume. Anyway, to-do list:

-develop a plot and an entire universe for a shounen series, since Dara-chan decided he wanted more than the little one-shot I wrote for him. Not complaining, here. I want to make it some kind of remake of The Island of Doctor Moreau. And, of course, HunterxHunter, since no matter what I do, no matter which new influences and authors and art I discover, I always go back to my gods: Alan Moore and Yoshihiro Togashi.
Anyway, chances are I'll be bothering you again about it if it works out.

-write that fucking third part of the third chapter of my Puck/Kurt food porn fic, The Art of Love and Cooking (my fic titles suck balls). Now that time has passed a little and I've re-read the two previous parts, I've decided I don't hate it and my writing in English and myself anymore, so I'll finally get around to finish that third chapter. In theory, the parts that follow shouldn't take that long, since that third chapter really was the most difficult to write for me. I really want to finish that fic; I said I would, and I will. è_____é

-at the same time, write the script for the second "episode" of Mytho. At least that shouldn't be too hard XD

After that, Inch'Allah. I dunno if I'll be able to write my massive Sherlock crossover fic, but at least I'd like to write the genderbent one; I've prepared a fanmix and everything, it would be a pity if I didn't complete it.

Other than that, happy Easter! Or happy some-kind-of-pagan-spring-festival. Or happy Sunny Sunday. A few friends and I went to the Parc de Sceaux today for a late Hanami picnic (we missed the right date, which is usually the second Sunday of April, but we decided to do it anyway) -- and the reason I'm telling you this is because I've finally tried to prepare the candied aubergines with the recipe I've linked in the bonus post to Umami!

Sunday FOOD Porn yaaaay!! ^0^

Food photos under the cut (a little image heavy) )
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Two covers of two very different comics project I've been working on: Kama and Rhapsody. The first has been drawn by Nephyla, and the second by Kappou.

Rita Hayworth gave good face )


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