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Finally, this is my "His Last Vow" review, full of swearing and spoilers. Anyone is welcome to debate it, because if I missed something I want to know and I want to understand what the fuck was going on in this episode.

Last warning: SPOILERS for His Last Vow (also lots and lots of swearing) )

You know what? After all is said and done, I love hiatus. I love this fandom, I love its theories, I love its crack, I love its art, manips, vids, meta, fanfictions that are so much better than the original material. Yes there are crazy annoying people in it but those people would be crazy and annoying with or without the show, whereas what the fans express as love (and not hate) in this fandom is unique and beautiful and to me shines better and brighter than anything else in the world.
And now I can say I probably enjoy the hiatus between each season more than I enjoy the show.
I love you, Sherlock fandom, and this is all that matters in the end.

P.S.: and you, Mystrade shippers, are the most ADORABLE shippers this side of the galaxy
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1. Votre fandom de l'année

Je reste fidèle à Sherlock, je me suis un peu plus enfoncée dans la nerditude avec le fandom de Doctor Who (j'ai vu le film de 1996 et The Five Doctors, et je compte même entamer Classic Who... gloups)... mais je dirais que cette année mon fandom préféré a été Tumblr. Le féminisme, les conneries, la social justice, la fangirlitude, le San Diego Comic Con, les flower crowns et même les dramas: cette année, Tumblr, j'ai été fan de toi. Tu déchires.
Une petite fanvid de rétrospective sur du Ke$ha parce que ça le vaut bien:

La suite sous cut parce que c'est long )
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Nine/Rose, my one and only Doctor Who ship, because I felt soppy and I needed it. Goes along with this fanvid (not mine):
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Just finished re-watching New Who season 1 to 4.5 to initiate friends and make them cry their hearts out (because that's what real friends do), so I thought I'd give this meme a shot, in celebration.

Possible spoilers for Sherlock and new Who under the cut )
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Because making a snow Dalek and then cosplaying it for no reason is 100% valid use of my time


Basically, RUN )
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Last night I dreamed I was marrying Nine.

It was a very nice dream. *sigh*
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So, I finally got around to finish watching the last episode of season 5 of Doctor Who today.
I have mixed feelings.

The opinions expressed under the cut might offense the average fan (as usual), other than that: spoilers )

Another Sherlock rec post coming up soon, and at any rate, come hell or high water, on Sunday, you'll have porn!
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Here's precisely what I've been looking like for the past  few days:

And for no reason in particular, which is all the more infuriating. I'm just one big ball of grump and frustration. And scaly skin.

And I was so caught up in my crankiness I forgot to tell you about Thor the movie. I've also started watching Doctor Who (the rebooted series from 2005) since about two weeks ago -- and I'm already halfway through season 4. Also, The Eagle: gay movie of the year until Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes 2, in all evidence.

Thoughts and impressions about Thor, Doctor Who and The Eagle under the cut )

Speaking of recs, giant Sherlock rec post coming soon. I was just waiting for some WiPs to finish but then I decided to hell with it; rec post for you guys on Monday, kay? I love you. Even though I'm in such a bitchy mood these days.


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