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In heaven and on earth, there is only one of me

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Birthdate:Oct 30
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The translation of MYV's tattoo "Tenjou tenka yuiga dokuson" ("In heaven and on earth, there is only one of me") is excerpted from supacat's fic "Solo"

I'm a French-speaking female comics author who lives in the Parisian suburbs with a bunch of geeky flatmates. I love reading, writing, drawing, and pretty much anything related to visual arts. Also: food-obsessed. I love eating, cooking, talking about food, reading about food... you get my drift.

You don't have to ask to friend me, I'm a very friendly person, so go right ahead! ^^ I just don't automatically friend back anymore, but know that all the relevant entries are unlocked anyway.

Interests (144):

00q, alan moore, alexander skarsgard, american gods, angel, antoine de saint-exupéry, askars, asoiaf, athos/d'artagnan, bastille, ben whishaw, benedict cumberbatch, berserk, bistro smap, black books, bong joon-ho, boris vian, buffy, cabin in the woods, chris colfer, christopher pike, cloud atlas, comics, conan, cyrano de bergerac, david twohy, dorohedoro, dr horrible, dylan moran, edmond rostand, ella fitzgerald, emma, eric/godric, firefly, fma, freddie lyon, from hell, full metal alchemist, gackt, gackt/miyavi, gacktxmiyavi, garlic and sapphires, george r. r. martin, glee, godric/eric, good omens, hayley atwell, honey and clover, honoré de balzac, howard moon, howard/vince, hunterxhunter, igarashi daisuke, in the flesh, iwan rheon, james bond, james bond/q, james cameron, jean anouilh, jean giraudoux, john watson, joss whedon, julian barratt, kaoru mori, keir warrick, kieren walker, kimi wa petto, kodoku no gurume, kotobuki tarako, kurt hummel, lindsay brown, little forest, loki, lost girls, manna francis, margaret atwood, mark salling, martin freeman, masayuki kusumi, memories of murder, misfits, miyavi, mycroft holmes, mythology, nathan fillion, nathan young, neal caffrey, noah puckerman, noel fielding, noel/julian, peter burke, peter/neal, pierre corneille, pip valentine, pitch black, princess tutu, puck/kurt, puckurt, queen, richard b. riddick, robert sheehan, roland barthes, romola garai, ruth reichl, serenity, setona mizushiro, shamo, sherlock holmes, sherlock/john, sif, simon bellamy, simon monroe, simon/kieren, skyfall, stefan zweig, stockholm syndrome, takeshi kitano, terry pratchett, the administration, the chronicles of riddick, the edible woman, the host, the hour, the mighty boosh, the musketeers, the watchmen, the wire, thor, top chef, top chef masters, toreth/warrick, u2, umino chica, v for vendetta, val toreth, vince noir, voltaire, white collar, wunmi mosaku, yaoi, yayoi ogawa, yoshihiro togashi, yoshinaga fumi, yuu yuu hakusho
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