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These are far from being, like, real illustrations, I still have some way to go and a lot of stuff to learn, but I feel a lot more confident in my art and I also feel I'm starting to master some things in a small measure.
Also, I drew a lot more in 2016 compared to... well, almost any other year since 2012 at least. And that's not even all of my drawings! But it gives quite a good idea of how creative I was in 2016. I don't know what happened exactly. I think I was probably happier, or my brain was less congested.

(click to make big)

And to have a better overview of how my style progressed, here's how I used to draw from 2003 to 2009:
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Since I've read Scarlet Beriko's latest work I was thirsting for some himedere, so voilà! I love this type of character so much I'm thinking about setting up a Patreon to create porn comics, but like, hardcore stuff for real perverts (Haikyuu!! is a great anime but its fandom is full of My First Yaoi babies, which is understandable, but I'm sick of it, I need adults who appreciate my stuff).
Who's with me?

Anyway, here's a peek, the uncensored drawings are, as ever, under the cut (NC-17, NSFW, pet play, lingerie, cross-dressing, femboy, rough sex, D/m)

But to lose all my senses / That is just so typically me )
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Title: Trash, Trampoline and the Birthday Boy
Author: sevenswells
Rating: Explicit
Fandom/Pairing: Haikyuu!!, Bokuto Koutarou/Akaashi Keiji/Kuroo Tetsurou
Warnings/Tropes: Polyamory, Fellatio, Light BDSM, Restraints, Birthday Sex, Crossdressing
Status: One-shot, complete
Summary: Akaashi has prepared a surprise for Bokuto’s birthday, and asks Kuroo to help with the finishing touches.
Notes: Wrote this to celebrate Bokuto's birthday on the 20th -- it's the return of my compulsion for writing weird-ass threesomes, yay! Although I thought I was a strictly BokuAka girl, Akaashi and Kuroo's interactions were SO. MUCH. FUN TO WRITE I really had a blast
Title comes from U2's "Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl". Kuroo's Trash, Akaashi's Trampoline and Bokuto's the Party Girl.
Word count: 2823 w.

(uncensored and NSFW pic at the end of the fic if you click on the censored pic or the AO3 link to read it)

Read it on AO3:
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I saw really pretty neon-coloured Haikyuu!! porn today so I tried to reproduce something of the same effect

Full pic under the cut (porn, NSFW, NC-17)

In your snatch fits pleasure / a broom-shaped pleasure )
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Bokuto's shoulders were made for sin: discuss.

Uncensored version under the cut (NSFW, NC-17)
See anybody could be good to you / You need a bad boy to blow your mind! )
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99.9999999999% of the Daisuga shippers: Teeth-rottingly sweet fluff, smooches, highest rating is T, holding hands, coffee shop AU, hurt comfort


99.9999999999% of the Daisuga shippers:


Me: why am I like this

At any rate here's a continuation of the previous blowjob drawing, but in comic page form, because why the fuck not (full uncensored, NSFW, NC-17 version under the cut)

Maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you if you know what I mean )
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I am SO happy with how this one turned out

Uncensored version under the cut

Best thing about sports anime: locker room sex )
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Another Noya as a tengu, I promise it's the last one (probably)
I just liked the idea
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Noya from Haikyuu!! as a karasu no tengu. Seems like I'm really into crow things these days
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And here's the Arabella one

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I don't know what this is either, I just know I like it /shrugs
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I was bored so I decided to do a meme, "artists who look like their drawings"... (found here: )

What do you think? :P
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Some Safe For Work and gen, some Not Safe For Work with a bit of gay and het. YES. HET. WHAT HAS MY LIFE COME TO.
The Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fandom made me want to pick up my pencil and draw again. But maybe it also has to do with the fact that I'm faring better, generally, work-wise, mental health-wise...
Anyway. Art! Part of it was done for my own personal mini-Inktober, and the other part just to scratch some itches.

Btw here's the link to my art tumblr if you'd rather follow me there (I know LJ is a bit overdead these days):

Tutte le curpe io ca t’aggiu lassata quandu t’aggiu ncontrata, ma sola sola )
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Sunday Porn is back! I think I'm becoming rather good at this "drawing porn" thing

Jonathan Strange/Arabella Strange, oral sex, rating: Explicit.
Because we all just know Jonathan Strange would also be amazing at giving head.


And full, HD version under the cut:

Jonathan, how can I keep my countenance if you stare at me like that? )
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This is Ashleigh Goodfellow, the main character of the novel I'm currently writing, drawn by Zimra.
It was originally supposed to be the cover of the novel, but the writers' label I'm part of will take another graphic approach. I'm a bit bummed by that since I really love this drawing, but I'll probably find another use for it.
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...llevo en el alma un camino destinado a nunca llegar
[...] volando vengo volando voy
de prisa de prisa
a rumbo perdido

Yet another new project, one that's a bit funny and a bit sad.
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My friend Steph has offered me a carnivorous plant as a present and I'm in love with it


Her name is Morrigane and I even did a human-form drawing of her


I think it's the first plant anyone has ever offered me and I'm so happy (even though I'm generally bad with plants)
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These two fuckin nerds piss me off man
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I play weird games with myself sometimes, where I pretend I'm not as affected by a show or a fandom as I actually am for a while, because... I don't know, because I think people might think I'm obsessive or something like that. And then after utterly failing to contain myself I just give in to the obsession and enter full freaky embarrassing fangirl mode and people aren't surprised because they know me and OF COURSE I would get like that. It's like I put myself in the fangirl closet from time to time, like, no, I'm not obsessed, I merely like it you know, it's not like that other time where I really was super fucking obsessed and geeking out all the time, I'm totally in control this time; it's just a nice little fandom that I occupy myself with but nothing serious; lemme just reblog this little gifset and be done with it, haha... while everyone around just knows because I'm really fucking flamboyant and with fangirl mannerisms all over the place.
If that makes sense.

So anyway that mysterious fandom I'm talking about is In The Flesh (thanks again [ profile] evildrem for your beautiful magical stash of wonders, it regularly ruins my life and I'm very grateful). I fell slowly but hard; it's over now, all it took was a rewatch with [ profile] berylia and her wife and now I'm definitely in too deep having feels about sad gay zombies kissing all day. AND the whole fandom is super fab.

Simon and Kieren even kind of pulled me out of my hatred for my own art and I'm really enjoying drawing them, so have a few fanarts:


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Yeah I spent too much time drawing this. But I like it!
It's Porthos, Aramis and Athos comparing dick sizes, kind of modern AU I guess.
Here there be dicks )


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