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Film: Third Star (2010) - starring Benedict Cumberbatch, JJ Feild, Tom Burke…

Song: It’s Time - Imagine Dragons

Spoilers/Trigger Warnings: none as far as I can tell

Comment: Probably the simplest fanvid I ever did because the song is so matchy-matchy with the rhythm and the general feeling of the movie.

Completely obscure fandom, and yet also probably my favourite vid so far. It turned out more joyful than I first intended, even though there is at least one moment in the middle that's a bit dark, but in the end I think it also suits the movie, which is not as hopeless as it seems, while it treats its subject with a lot respect.

tl;dr: movie pretty & much emotion, wanted to make vid on pretty & emotional song, Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant, and so are Tom Burke and JJ Feild
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Yeaaaaaah this is lazy and boring I know but my version of Window Movie Maker sucks ass and I can't do a lot of stuff with it, plus however much I lie to myself, I don't *actually* have time for this
I just really wanted to do this because I'm currently reading the books in French and the Athos/d'Artagnan game is SO STRONG guys, you have no idea, they're so in love with each other and Dumas ships them about as much as I do which is A LOT
It's brilliant.
I love that French is my first language, I love The Musketeers, I love Dumas.
Hence, I can't stop with the fanvids.
Sorryyyyyyy no I'm not
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Milady de Winter tribute with the song “Still Alive” from Portal because it amuses me to imagine Milady as GLaDOS, fucking with people's heads and doing "science" with Richelieu - it just works ridiculously well

Rating: PG
Spoilers: for most of the show I guess
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Title: We Can't Stop
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Artist/Song: "We Can't Stop" by Bastille (Miley Cyrus cover)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock, John and Mary make my heart bleed. Although this vid is more about Sherlock and his relationship to John that's bound to change since John is marrying Mary; so it's sort of slashy and sort of angsty idek leave me alone
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: This is pretty much all of the Sign of Three that I crammed into one fanvid, it's even in chronological order
Notes: I sort of slap-dashed this fanvid together because I really, really wanted to make a fanvid about this glorious episode and I really, really wanted to use this particular Bastille gem with it
Made with Windows Live Movie Maker, it was the first time I used it and it was very limited so the editing is a bit basic -- but still, the song matches completely

Vimeo link: (1080 p, watch in HD!)

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I've bought myself the complete Buffy DVD box set, from season 1 to 7, and I'm rewatching the whole thing these days between bouts of hard work... God it's so brilliant; 15 years after the show was created, it still rocks my world. Joss you bastard.
(yes my pyjamas have teacups on them, I'm hip like that)
You already know you love these characters, and when you see them again in action, when they speak and do awesome stuff, you remember just HOW MUCH, and it's like a punch in the gut except you like it.

If you also like BtVS and if, like me (and many other fangirls), you love Spike, you HAVE to see this fanvid made by [ profile] bradcpu, it's one of the best I've ever seen in any given fandom, and also an incredibly spot-on character study (the song fits Spike so much it breaks my brain). I rewatch it very regularly, and it gives me goosebumps every single time:
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Previous (mainly fics) rec posts here, here and here FYI

I keep accumulating Sherlock fan stuff I want to rec, and I can never find the time to put up one big post, so I've decided I'll do it bits by bits. Here below is, as it is announced in the title of this post, fanvids, art recs and a fanmix rec.

I never knew daylight could be so violent )
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Meme stolen from [ profile] goldylost :

I approves of this result. Although I have doubts about my "organizational skills" (*turns around to look at own room* *bursts laughing nervously*), I do think McGonagall is the coolest character in Harry Potter (in the "official" version of this test, like, IRL, I'm supposed to be ENFP though. Mmmh. This sounds a bit like a horoscope, doesn't it?)
And while I'm here, two vids that make life worth living:
This one made me laugh so hard I think I don't have intestines anymore -- they've decided to go live somewhere quieter (BBC Sherlock):

And this one was made by [ profile] disastrolabe  (link will direct you to the post on her journal), mixing V for Vendetta and Taio Cruz's "Dynamite", it's FUCKING AWESOME:
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My choice of icon isn't really appropriate for what follows, but let's say it's more of a wish than a statement.

Thank you, Jon Stewart, for keeping your head when the rest of the world is going insane.
This comes after one of my cousins who is training to be a pilot told me last night that there are about 10% female pilots in airline companies these days, but when you take the plane, have you ever heard a female voice saying "I'll be your captain today"? That's because if people hear a female voice saying that, they would, apparently, freak out and want to leave the plane. So even if the captain is female, it's the copilot who will make the anouncements on board. If both pilot and copilot are female, well it's one of the stewards who will be in charge of speaking to the travellers, playing the part of the captain.

All of this is quite depressing, so let's have a few minutes of Benedict in powdered wig and silk tights flirting with another man on beautiful music in order to find some solace:

This makes me want to vid, too. Augh. Procrastination, BAD!
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So before I can come back with fic (yes, TAoLaC chapter 3, and nothing else ^^), here are some recs of BBC Sherlock fics -- including specific categories like "matchmaker!Mycroft" and "dysfunctional, crazy-as-fuck!Sherlock" -- categories which I enjoy particularly.
They're all Sherlock/John slash fics (except the few ones about the Holmes brothers <3 not incestuous, mind you; there is also a category for "Other/Unclassifiable") -- because any other pairing wouldn't work for me. Yes, I love Rupert Graves as Lestrade, yes I love Moriarty -- heck, I love all of them, even Anderson (and sometimes *especially* Anderson XD). But Sherlock and John to me is an unbreakable OTP -- Sherlock or John with anyone else just feels very wrong to me. And they need to be together, as in, fucking each other's brains out. I've noticed that asexual!Sherlock fics kind of make me sad, no matter how well written and IC and logical they are -- intellectually, I understand where the current trend in the fandom is coming from, and I guess I also possess the intellectual tools to understand asexuality in general, but it just doesn't compute with my philosophy of life, which is basically a very sexual one. It clashes so much with my first instincts that it's like a whole alien civilization to me. So, no asexual!Sherlock fics, even though I've read perfectly good and interesting ones.

Oh, but I've included some fanvids too -- it's on the house! This post also contains various stupid gifs, some of them a little heavy. Sissy bandwidths may want to keep out.

I found a whole new way to love you )

[edit] By the way, if there are fics (Sherlock or otherwise) you want to rec me, don't hesitate to share on this post! ^^
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Guys, I'm BARKING MAD. Just WTF am I doing? Somehow, someday, I'm going to get organized, and stop my bollocking nonsense. Today's just not this day. (Neither was yesterday. Nor was the day before)

Title: Bring the Pain - A Tribute to Sherlock
Author: [info]sevenswells 
Artist/Song: "Bring the Pain" by Mindless Self Indulgence
Fandom: BBC One's "Sherlock"
Summary: Just a tribute to Cumberbatch's awesomeness; it deserved an awesome song.
Rating: R for very foul language -- Sherlock is one hardcore motherfucker, yo.
Spoilers: all 3 episodes
Notes: So, second vid ever. Wheee. All I know is that I took great pleasure in doing this, if only because it gave me an opportunity to admire Benny-bunny under every angle and position (I discovered I'm cheekbonessexual too, btw). Next season I'd really like to see MOAR expanses of his mouth-watering, blindingly white porcelain skin, plz BBC and Moffat and Gatiss, make it happen, kthxbai.
It's not perfect, but I hope you'll like this vid -- it needs love.


Download here (HD quality, .mov file).
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Or maybe more like a care package. Just a few random considerations, some fic recs, fanvids... the usual fangirl raving, which hereby justifies a shiny new "sherlock holmes" tag, say hi.

(BTW, next post will be all about London, which is a truly fantastic city; whereas the second amuse-bouche for The Art of Love and Cooking will be up next week when I return to Paris.)

"We can't giggle, it's a crime scene, stop it!" )
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*needs to calm the fuck down*
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Title: Girlfriend (male version)
Author: [ profile] sevenswells 
Artist/Song: "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne, played a pitch lower (song found here.)
Fandom/Pairing: Glee, Puck/Kurt
Summary: Kurt doesn't like Puck's girlfriend, and thinks he needs a new one XD
Spoilers: used extracts from Pilot, Showmance, Acafellas, Preggers, Ballad, Mattress, Sectionals and Power of Madonna
Notes: First vid ever, hurray! ^^ I have to say I hate the original song, but fell in love with this version. When I heard it the first time, I practically had the whole vid planned out in my head. So, here it is (new links, the previous have been shot down - bite me and drop dead, Fox and Youtube) :

Low-Quality version, uploaded on BAM (can't embed, sorry) :

High-Quality version on Vimeo (also downloadable for one week, starting from now)

PASSWORD : puckurt

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This post is randomness of the random, but oh well, you should be used to it by now.

I have every reason to be a happy fangirl on this wunderbar Valentine's day:

-[profile] thin_lipid rocked our art trade with not one but TWO viewtiful fanvids, I mean GACKTXMIYAVI FANVID, PEOPLE, on a crappy song of my choice (I know somebody who will scold me on this for my crappy tastes in music, but I can't help eet, sowwee T_____T ).

You can find them here:

I lurve both, I lurve you, lipidness of the thinnitude!

-I'm kinda proud of these two banners I made: one for [profile] kamexkame (who provided me the sweetest fairytale fanfic ever in exchange, READ EET) and one for the [profile] ryoxkame community (the lay-outs have been chosen by kamexkame). Which makes me think: if you like what I do bannerwise, don't hesitate to request banners from me, with photos and/or themes of your chosing; I really like making them, and I believe I'm getting better at it too!

-I HEREBY DECREET EVERYBODY HERE HAS TO READ [personal profile] supacat 's LATEST GACKXMIYAVI FIC OR ELSE. I love eet so moische, I wants an update very soon!!!! *knows very well she's being tewtally unfair* *but iz so kewt* *gets whacked in the face*

(thanks [personal profile] mokoshna for the video tip ^____~ )

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To respect the english-speaking persons I'm talking about in this post, I wrote it in English - I promise it's not a vanity on my part ^^

I'm currently translating my GacktxMiyavi fic from French to English, it's kinda difficult (since I wrote it and all, the style is definitely an issue) but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, before all hell breaks loose, I was thinking I could write a post to talk about some extraordinary artists on LJ who have inspired me a great deal, and are related some way or another to my OTP, GacktxMiyavi, of which there is just not enough around, people.
Do something about it.


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