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I fell hard for the BBC's recent TV adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Bertie Carvel is so fucking good! Who knew Sebastian Wilkes from Sherlock could be so hot?) and Jonathan/Arabella is my OTP. So I made a gothic fanmix.

LOVE, LOSS & LUNACY - Songs for Jonathan & Arabella (BBC's Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)

1. Arsonist's Lullaby - Hozier

2. Alpha Shallows - Laura Marling

3. Worms - Lolly Jane Blue

4. Thanatos - Soap&Skin

5. Love Is Blindness - U2

6. Smoke - Nosfell

7. Unravel - Björk

8. Litanies Pour Un Retour - Jacques Brel

[[[LISTEN HERE]]] @ 8tracks
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athos fanmix couv alt
athos fanmix playlist cover

J’ai mal d’être moi - an Athos fanmix
(because nothing like being drunk and depressed in French)

1. L’ivrogne - Jacques Brel

2. Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux - Georges Brassens

3. De glace - Pierre Lapointe

4. Le vent nous portera - Noir Désir

5. Ton invitation - Louise Attaque

6. A l’avance - Deportivo

7. Je bois - Boris Vian

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***An outrageous fanmix for your military-themed dance parties***

1. My Oh My - Aqua

2. Die Young - Ke$ha

3. Commander - Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta

4. Fighter - Christina Aguilera

5. L.S.F. - Kasabian

6. Seconds - U2

7. Heroes - David Bowie

8. Some Nights - Fun.

9. Rock The Casbah - The Clash

10. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

11. Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine

12. Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast

13. Massive Attack - Nicki Minaj feat. Sean Garrett

14. Run Boy Run - Woodkid

15. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

16. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs

17. Holiday - Green Day

18. Uprising - Muse

19. Hey Brother - Avicii
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Film: Third Star (2010) - starring Benedict Cumberbatch, JJ Feild, Tom Burke…

Song: It’s Time - Imagine Dragons

Spoilers/Trigger Warnings: none as far as I can tell

Comment: Probably the simplest fanvid I ever did because the song is so matchy-matchy with the rhythm and the general feeling of the movie.

Completely obscure fandom, and yet also probably my favourite vid so far. It turned out more joyful than I first intended, even though there is at least one moment in the middle that's a bit dark, but in the end I think it also suits the movie, which is not as hopeless as it seems, while it treats its subject with a lot respect.

tl;dr: movie pretty & much emotion, wanted to make vid on pretty & emotional song, Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant, and so are Tom Burke and JJ Feild
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1. Votre fandom de l'année

Je reste fidèle à Sherlock, je me suis un peu plus enfoncée dans la nerditude avec le fandom de Doctor Who (j'ai vu le film de 1996 et The Five Doctors, et je compte même entamer Classic Who... gloups)... mais je dirais que cette année mon fandom préféré a été Tumblr. Le féminisme, les conneries, la social justice, la fangirlitude, le San Diego Comic Con, les flower crowns et même les dramas: cette année, Tumblr, j'ai été fan de toi. Tu déchires.
Une petite fanvid de rétrospective sur du Ke$ha parce que ça le vaut bien:

La suite sous cut parce que c'est long )
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What the fuck, sorry, I don't know how to graphics
And I accidentally a second attempt at something of a fanmix
I should get down to work for fuck's sake

So basically I was stuck on R.E.M.'s "Imitation of Life" as Q's character song, and I kind of built a fanmix around that song and the idea of virtuality and computers and the Internet and how the Self is lost in all that and such, they're kind of cliché songs for that particular subject I guess, but I regret nothing (most of the time)


1. Blue Orchid | The White Stripes
2. technologic | Daft Punk
3. Machine | Regina Spektor
4. Be Yourself | Audioslave
5. Imitation of Life | R.E.M.
6. Fitter Happier | Radiohead
7. Love of the Loveless | Eels
8. Virtual Insanity | Jamiroquai

Listen Here:
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90s revival

I have no idea what I'm singing really loud in public most of the time, until I do, and then it's too late.
Ditto singing NIN's "Closer". True story.
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I originally prepared this fanmix for a genderbent Sherlock/John fic which I wanted to write and which is still lying around in bits on my hard drive, but then I don't know if I'll ever get the time to finish writing it. Anyway, the fanmix is pretty much standalone, since to me it tells the whole story of girl!Sherlock and girl!John, up until the Empty House. Also note that the title of this fanmix (and my head!canon of girlSherlock and girl!John) has been inspired by this drawing by [ profile] naive_wanderer which I consider to be the most successful representation of genderbent Sherlock and John to date.
The cover of the fanmix is a bit weird -- I'm not very good at those :(

Dès... les premières... lueurs... oh je sombre )
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If you're familiar with Assassin's Creed, you may already know the musical theme which accompanies the latest trailer of Revelations. For those who don't well I'm happy to make you discover the song Iron by Woodkid. If you remember my previous post about French animation, I said that it was one of the few domains in which the French could still get some credit for being seriously awesome. Well one of the other domains is directing music videos. This one was directed by the extremely talented Yoann Lemoine, who also dabbled in the world of animation -- he did a stunning work of it as you will see under the cut:

The thunder of the drums dictates )

Anyway, it inspires me a lot these days; I'm supposed to be writing episode 3 and 4 of Mytho, both of which will cover Chami's story. And since my head is filled with her, here's a quick sketch (Chami's original design is courtesy of Kiri):


Jun. 15th, 2011 12:08 pm
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We finished watching the last episodes of the second season of Glee yesterday, merely out of obstination and in order to get some sense of closure -- we really didn't want to. It's safe to say now that I won't be watching season 3.
That second season was very bad. Some good ideas here and there, sometimes one good episode that cruelly gave us hope, but overall, poor writing, poor song choice and interpretations, and guys, sorry to tell you, but ALL your "original songs" SUCKED big time. The New York one made us howl with second-hand embarrassment. And just as we thought we couldn't be more unimpressed, bam, last episode, complete anti-climax that left us wondering what the hell it was we saw in that show in the first place, whether there ever *was* something charming, fresh, new that made us fall in love with it or if it was just wishful thinking and total delusion on our part.
The only thing good about that last episode was Usher's Yeah! sung by unknown female choir that looked a lot like the Jane Addams girls, but I guess they had to cut the performance in half because they didn't want the viewers to realize how inferior New Directions' performance would be compared to it (too late, ha!).
I also enjoyed watching lovely (and gay as ever) Jonathan Groff's comeback, "Rolling in the deep" was also one of the good songs that I'll remember from those horrible last episodes.

Fortunately after that, Kiri had the good idea to show us NPH's performance at the Tony Awards and we gained back some faith in humanity and show tunes. This has probably been reblogged over and over all around the Internetz, but I don't care, here is my own reblog of that fabulous awesome piece of epicness:

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Because not everything is rotten and fucked up in this valley of tears, today, I'm feeling good. =D Amongst other things, here's why:

[ profile] as_i_am  and I have embarked on what she calls a Porn Loop(c) and I approve of the term. Consider it coined. So right now I'm drawing porn based on a fic she wrote, although it's complicated and delicate stuff to handle, believe me, it's like walking into Mordor: one does not just do it. There's a ton of shit to take into consideration first, okay? Like Sauron's eye and Saruman and uruk hais. Except, well, they're penises.

Other than that I'm working on Mytho "episode" 1 and I'm LOVIN' IT, God I wish I could show you more previews and some of the epic shit Kiri and I are gonna prepare for this project, but I caaaannnnn't. At least for the moment. I iz frustrate. But what I *can* do is share with you a playlist I made based on the characters and the story BECAUSE PLAYLISTS ARE MY ABSOLUTE CRACK. In case you haven't noticed yet.
Here it is, on :

And a friend just told me that today is the day of "Sainte Bénédicte" in France. Technically it's a female name (the male pendant is "Benoît", not Benedict), but it doesn't matter, let's celebrate anyway with random Cucumberpatch adorableness (and a good bit of hand kink) under the cut:

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Last of the "trilogy" (lulz), the playlist that covers more or less the 1930s to the seventies in France. I grew up listening to all these songs (and many more of course), since my mom was a fan of all the singers down below, met some of them, and/or went to their concerts (while my dad took care of the English-speaking singers part of my education, with Abba, Harry Belafonte and Neil Diamond. Uh-huh). Some of these songs are very famous, some are not, but they're all my favourites from the singers who sing them.


Chou-chou-chou-chou-choubidou-wa! under the cut )
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A very short playlist with French rap and R'n'B, because I'm not exactly an expert. I might make another playlist with reaaaaaally really old songs in French, too (like, more from the 1940s to the 1960s), and then I'll be done bothering you with French music.

French rap and R'n'B are actually interesting, because they're the most popular genre nowadays in France, and they're representative of the different influences from all the immigrant populations in the country, including muslim countries.

Laisse-moi zoom-zoom-zen under the cut-cut-cut )
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I made a French songs only music playlist on Youtube, and I thought I'd share with you. This playlist covers a rather large spectrum of the last 30 years or so in French music -- so you'll know we don't only listen to Edith Piaf in France, no matter what Steven Spielberg is trying to make you believe with his films. There's a bit of everything, from 90's pop to 80's kitsch with a bit of classic rock and even a boys' choir (yes). Enjoy -- maybe you'll discover some stuff you like, don't hesitate to ask me about it if you want to know more. It starts out a bit funky and then it gets gradually more mellow (I made the playlist by association, like "I like this song -- oh it reminds me of that other one..." and so on)

Chabadabada under the cut )


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