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Finally, this is my "His Last Vow" review, full of swearing and spoilers. Anyone is welcome to debate it, because if I missed something I want to know and I want to understand what the fuck was going on in this episode.

Last warning: SPOILERS for His Last Vow (also lots and lots of swearing) )

You know what? After all is said and done, I love hiatus. I love this fandom, I love its theories, I love its crack, I love its art, manips, vids, meta, fanfictions that are so much better than the original material. Yes there are crazy annoying people in it but those people would be crazy and annoying with or without the show, whereas what the fans express as love (and not hate) in this fandom is unique and beautiful and to me shines better and brighter than anything else in the world.
And now I can say I probably enjoy the hiatus between each season more than I enjoy the show.
I love you, Sherlock fandom, and this is all that matters in the end.

P.S.: and you, Mystrade shippers, are the most ADORABLE shippers this side of the galaxy
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Blablabla need more time to sit down and think about that episode but er... It felt a lot like recent Doctor Who writing (by... guess whom? Yes, Steven Moffat! That's the one!). Where you start the episode and think "wow hey great start this is actually quite good" and then by the end you're like "wat what WHAT? WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK? THAT DOESN'T MAKE EVEN A LICK OF SENSE!"

So my opinion for now is: good moments here and there, but bullshit plot all over. I'll develop more on all that later.
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Trying my hand at digital inking between bouts of writing and episodes of Teen Wolf. Hmmmm.
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Elementary's pilot was pretty bad, you guys. I don't know what they have in store for the rest of the series, but if this pilot is supposed to set the tone, colour me unconvinced.

Even if you try to pretend it's not Sherlock Holmes at all, it doesn't really work as a detective story, and it's a whole boring mess.

I have my qualms about the mysteries in Sherlock, I think many things about them don't work and have major logical flaws, but in the end it doesn't really matter, because on the whole it's entertaining as hell. And the whole world discussed at large the chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman that is so incredible and shiny you could see it from the moon.

In Elementary, as much as I love both Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller separately, it just doesn't work. The characters are sketchy at best, lacking depth, there's just nothing between them to chew on; the relationship dynamics between them were so sloppy and uninteresting. I think it must be because of a huge casting error: Liu should have been Holmes, there's no way around it. I can't believe they haven't thought of that first. During the whole episode it was so screamingly blatant it was distracting. And the only other character that I liked was Gregson. Gregson was awesome (and a bit sexy). Again, I love Jonny Lee Miller, I think he's a truly great actor, but he had nothing to do in there. Liu as Holmes, anyone else as Watson (Archie Panjabi?

Hmmm oh God yes. I would loves me some Archie Panjabi as Watson. She would totally qualify as badass ex-army doctor IMO)

Oh, god, and the mystery. The mystery was so crappy even I could have thought of something better. Even as a basic murder-of-the-week formula show it just doesn't work, WTF CBS, seriously.

I really wanted to like it. No, I mean, really. We'll have to wait months again before season 3 begins, and I wanted to have at least  Elementary to nimble on in between, but now I don't really want to watch the rest.
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So how about that latest (last) Batman movie, huh?

Spoilers under the cut )


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