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Reichenbach was so good it made me throw up in my mouth a little. And my face was ravaged by the end because I kept clawing at it (no. Really.).

Feelings. And spoilers. I has them. )

Appropriate gif to express my emotions, yada, yada:

(it's funny because the horse falls from a height)(repeatedly)(cos it's a gif)(get it?)
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10 second footage from the new Sherlock series and the whole fandom has gone batshit crazy on Tumblr and gif'd/cap'd/analyzed/flailed over absolutely everything in the ten minutes that followed the teaser's release; as some infamous bloggers said, when the actual series will start, we probably won't survive. 2012, guys. The Mayans predicted this. Ovaries exploding all over the globe. We're fucked.

Here is the whole BBC trailer for their new programs, including the Sherlock bits:

And here's the Sherlock footage extracted from the trailer:

Yessss Masteeeeer! (°ç°)//
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And done.

So, as I said in the previous post, art trade with [ profile] pollums , she asked for Sherlock with short Cumberhair (reference here), and Sherlock/John of course. I hope you'll like it dear, and that I haven't overworked it too much ^^;;;


Fandom: BBC Sherlock, pairing: Sherlock/John, rating: NC-17, NSFW, made by moi.

Baby, can you handle this? )
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Here we go, no stupid categories, no gifs. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I needed to post this now to get started, but there will be more rec posts to come, if only to get some organization in all the stuff I've faved (and believe me, it goes on forever!).
Most of it is Sherlock/John slash, except when I make the precision it's otherwise.

Comments, as always, are appreciated ^^

Under the cut there be recs )

So there. That sould keep you occupied for a bit, at least until I return!
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First this:

In a platonic non- what, Benedict? IN A PLATONIC NON- WHAT??? XDDD

Muuuhuhuhu. I feel a bit bad for him, though, he must have read some stuff on the Internet that he shouldn't have. Seriously, you're a famous young attractive actor with a huge -- and mostly female -- fanbase and you star in a TV series with barely-concealed homoerotic undertones: NEVER TOUCH THE INTERNETZ AGAIN, DON'T GOOGLE YOURSELF, CHECK ONLY YOUR EMAILS IF YOU REALLY MUST. If you wish to keep your own sanity, that is.

And then this:

I dunno who photoshopped this, but it's utter genius. It made me realize that it's not just because of the awesome characters they portray that I ship them so much. It's also because THEY LOOK SO FUCKING *GOOD* TOGETHER. I mean seriously. Just look at those GQMF. (Also, I think Benedict might be pregnant, he's practically ~*glowing*~)(Benedict, if you're reading this, STOP GOOGLING YOURSELF RIGHT THIS MINUTE GODDAMMIT!!)(also you may kiss the bride)

"Sherlock" and Martin winning Baftas was pretty awesome news in the first place, and then Martin went and turned what already was a jizz fest into a GIANT JIZZ STORM: Benedict Cumberbatch joins "The Hobbit"

*jumps up and down like a rabbit on dope*
Tell me!
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Meme stolen from [ profile] goldylost :

I approves of this result. Although I have doubts about my "organizational skills" (*turns around to look at own room* *bursts laughing nervously*), I do think McGonagall is the coolest character in Harry Potter (in the "official" version of this test, like, IRL, I'm supposed to be ENFP though. Mmmh. This sounds a bit like a horoscope, doesn't it?)
And while I'm here, two vids that make life worth living:
This one made me laugh so hard I think I don't have intestines anymore -- they've decided to go live somewhere quieter (BBC Sherlock):

And this one was made by [ profile] disastrolabe  (link will direct you to the post on her journal), mixing V for Vendetta and Taio Cruz's "Dynamite", it's FUCKING AWESOME:
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This is definitely not Sunday Porn. Maybe Sunday PG-13...? Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it.

I'm listening to a lot of The Bravery's songs these days, and I particularly love "Split Me Wide Open". So when I read [ profile] etothepii  's Sherlock/Addams Family crossover fic today, Your Body Before Me, I felt some kind of resonance, and I just had to do a fanart (go read it, btw, it's truly fantastic stuff, I'm a huge fan of this author). Why I mainly do fanarts of weird/creepy stuff is a question I try not to ask myself too much.

The technique is gouache and watercolour pencils, the pairing is Sherlock/John. The rating is... mmmmh let's say R, because the fanart is still kind of weird; basically, it's Sherlock kissing John's severed head, but John isn't dead. Like I said, it's an Addams Family crossover, so John can't die just because his head isn't attached to his body. It's not very gory, though. I tried to draw something cute, actually.

Okay, whatever, here it is:

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky... )
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Title: Umami
Author: [ profile] sevenswells 
Beta/Brit-pick: [ profile] unovis_lj  and [ profile] zonesthesia ; thank you for being so amazing. It has been a real pleasure working with you on this. <3
Rating: PG-13
Fandom/Pairing: BBC's Sherlock, Sherlock/John
Warnings: shameless food porn, but I do hope that kind of thing doesn't shock you
Genre: food fic laced with comedy sprinkled with a bit of crack and fluffy slash on the side
Summary: John tries to get Sherlock to eat. The thing is, even if he doesn't look it, Sherlock is quite the hedonist, and would only eat tasty stuff. So John's plan is to become the best cook Sherlock has ever known.
Comments: About the title: in her book Garlic and Sapphires, the famous food critic Ruth Reichl describes "umami" as "the Japanese taste that cannot be described. It is when something is exactly right for the moment."
I've put in this fic some of the dishes that I love the most, including sushi; if you want to know more about the food and the recipes described in the fic, go to this link:
Word Count: 6 197 w.

He hadn't been able to discern the pattern because it had been hidden by another. Sherlock's photosynthesis. )
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Taking a little break from RL work to post this.

The drawing under the cut below is the illustration of one scene excerpted from the most excellent fic A Taste of Murder by the fabulous [ profile] as_i_am ; I love, love, love that fic, and that scene in particular!

The drawing's not perfect, but I'm not entirely dissatisfied. I've been a bit liberal with the interpretation of the mess they've made, but I hope you'll like it dear! <3

Fandom: BBC Sherlock, pairing: Sherlock/John, artist: me, rating: NC-17, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Also KITTENS!


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The adorable, adorable [ profile] as_i_am  completed our art/fic exchange (NC-17, not safe for work) with awesome lulzy Sherlock/John porn. The prompt I gave her was to write the story behind this other drawing I did (again, NC-17, NSFW). She did an absolutely fantastic job of it, and what I love the most about it is the humour she laced into the fic, because I believe it to be one of the main components of this pairing too (it's not all about the darkness and angst and weird kinks, right?).


I can't begin to tell you how crappy I've felt for the past few days (because of various reasons, but end result was basically my self-esteem getting crushed and my heart smashed to pieces) and this lifted my spirits like nobody's business, drowning my brain in endorphins and putting an utterly idiotic smile on my face.

In short:

At first I was --->

But then I was --->

Thank you, darling, you have no idea how much of a gift this is to me, especially today of all days. ♥ 
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This is the South Korean trailer to Sherlock:

I love you, South Korea. You thought the series weren't gay enough so you went ahead and made a fanvid on national TV.

You're awesome.
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WTF. Why am I not sleeping? Sorry, I made another one. Maybe I have rabies or something. O____o

So this is kind of a running gag, a reference to these previous strips, and this one I just did.

I really need to go to sleep T____T )
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Originally, I intended to make up for the lack of Sunday Porn today, and I ended up making... this. I don't know, guys.

So we continue our exploration of the Sherlock fandom; this is just one strip, but it's a long one. Safe for work.

And you thought "world's only consulting detective" was random enough... )
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A few Sherlock comic strips about fic patterns, XKCD-style. (Just don't get me wrong, here, I've read a LOT of fics in this fandom, still reading a lot of them, and the majority of them are really incredibly good, even when they follow either of the two situations described below (sometimes both). Maybe those repetitive patterns are one of the very reasons I love this fandom so much, too. So, anyway, it's just a little affectionate teasing, not serious critique or bashing or anything of the kind.)

BBC Sherlock, rating: R just to be safe (very mild sexual content), artist: me. That should cover it. I hope you'll like them!

I made funnies under the cut )
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If you have only joined us just right now, here's the sketch if you're interested in that kind of stuff, other than that, here below is the "final" version (yeah I didn't do colours, fuck it).

Fandom: BBC Sherlock, artist, me, warnings: BEWARE PENIS even though it's quite flaccid -- STILL COUNTS! --, NSFW, rating: NC-17.

Have you ever had sex? I did, it felt great! It felt so good when I did it with my penis )
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Never mind the title of this post, you'll just get Sherlock recs for the most part. I hope you're not too dissappoint.

Here below are new categories because I don't like repeating myself, fanvids recs like last time, and the novelties are art recs and comm pimpage, because there are some fantastic comms related to Sherlock out there and art needs to be recced too. Oh and there's one fanmix ^^

The other stuff that has changed is that there are now more pairings other than John/Sherlock (not many, though) and more Gen fics. I'll specify each time it is the case, but when I don't, just assume it's J/S slash.

Stupid gifs and images to illustrate each category you know the drill; it's a little less image-heavy than last time. If you wanna check my previous rec post of doom, here it is. It took me a whole chunk of my spare (hahaha *nervous laugh*) time to put this present post up, so of course comments are love ^^

No pirates, no zombies, no male strippers, but you'll surely find gay under the cut. )

Fuck me but that was long and fastidious. I hope you'll enjoy, guys, and like last time, if you have anything you want to rec me, feel free to share in the comments.

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Title: January First (Running To Stand Still)
Author: [ profile] sevenswells 
Beta: The lovely [ profile] kamexkame  (<3). All remaining mistakes = mine.
Rating: G
Fandom/Pairing: BBC's Sherlock, Gen
Warnings: None.
Genre: Slice of life
Summary: John and Sherlock are taking a little time to recover from the festivities of the holiday season as a new year begins.
Comments: This is for the sweet and talented [ profile] na_shao , who originally prompted for John, Sherlock, tea, listening to The Who, and (good) food. Unfortunately I'm a total n00b in the field of classic rock so The Who somehow turned into U2 (sorryyyyy! I hope that doesn't bother you too much my dear é___è). I didn't include too much food either, which actually saddens me a bit.
On a side note, I must really love this fandom because this is the second non-NC17 fic that I've ever written, and I don't even feel weird about it (!). I guess I fell in love with the verse as well as the pairing ^^
Word count: 1 007 w.

Said I gotta do something/About where we're going )
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(BTW, haven't seen the latest Glee yet, I'll bore the hell out of you let you know if I found it any good)

I've just finished watching season 1 of The Office (British version, of course) and I used to be more obsessed with Benny, but now my love for the sexy adorableness that is Martin Freeman is just as strong as my crazy stan obsession for Cumberbatch. Martin's incredibly fucking cute, it's almost too much to bear. I know, I know, it took me way too much time to realize that absolute trufax, don't shout at me like that. Of course I already loved him as John H. Watson, why do you think I'm head over heels for this pairing, it's not just because of Benny, it's because both of them are awesome -- but let's just say that, watching Sherlock, I've been blinded by my crush for Benny first, and with him removed of the equation, I could fully appreciate Martin's adorable sexiness at last.
Now I understand completely the fangirls who say that they want to pinch his cheeks and then shag him senseless (or muss his hair and then blow him). Boy do I understand.

Just. Look at him. No, I mean, look, really look. What the hell. That must be the most stupid haircut I've ever seen and he manages to make this look cute beyond words. And fuckable. What is up with that? °_____°

Martin aside, I really loved that first season; that show's really well written and I can't WAIT to watch season 2. British TV shows FTW. I also need to read Sherlock/The Office crossovers now. Recs, anyone?

P.S.: On a side note, the hopeless RPSlasher in me really loves that picture:
British people. Seriously. )


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