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Title: We Can't Stop
Author: [ profile] sevenswells
Artist/Song: "We Can't Stop" by Bastille (Miley Cyrus cover)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock, John and Mary make my heart bleed. Although this vid is more about Sherlock and his relationship to John that's bound to change since John is marrying Mary; so it's sort of slashy and sort of angsty idek leave me alone
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: This is pretty much all of the Sign of Three that I crammed into one fanvid, it's even in chronological order
Notes: I sort of slap-dashed this fanvid together because I really, really wanted to make a fanvid about this glorious episode and I really, really wanted to use this particular Bastille gem with it
Made with Windows Live Movie Maker, it was the first time I used it and it was very limited so the editing is a bit basic -- but still, the song matches completely

Vimeo link: (1080 p, watch in HD!)

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Okay so long-ass Empty Hearse review, let's get this over with.

Overall that episode left me very conflicted, especially after the Caitlin Moran Debacle; the references to the fans and the fandom didn't feel respectful or an homage but rather dismissive and mocking IMO. Which -- not cool. Or maybe it would have been fine if the creators of the show hadn't repeatedly called the fangirls delusional after playing fast and loose with queer baiting, screaming NO HOMO at the top of their lungs and if there hadn't been Morangate. Also it would actually make a change if the fan viewpoint wasn't constantly played for laughs. Dude, you're fanboys yourselves. Don't think you're better than us, some fics are leagues above this episode, come the fuck on.
There's also a horrible thought that crossed my mind: it's that the treatment of the fans within this episode maybe actually gave Caitlin Moran inspiration and sort of enabled her to do what she did. I'm not saying Gatiss is responsible for what happened, but when you start to make fun of the fans like that I guess increases the odds of something like that happening.
Anyway, my theory is that so far in each season of Sherlock, there's two very good if not brilliant episodes, and then there's always one that's a bit rubbish if not complete crap (The Blind Banker in season 1 and Hounds of the Baskerville in season 2). After watching The Sign of Three, I think The Empty Hearse might very well be the rubbish one. Which is a shame, really, because The Empty House is one of the most iconic Sherlock Holmes stories from canon and, again, most fics that revolved around Sherlock's return during the hiatus were more solid plot-wise and more satisfying emotion-wise. So personal message to Mofftiss: don't mock the fans if you can't do better than them, guys. Try to write good stories. That's what we do.

Let's do the rest in bullet points, since I can't be arsed to write up a proper review:

You left me in the dark )

Hmmm it seems I'm a bit grumpy today so it shows in my review which appears more negative than I intended. I didn't hate that episode all that much, really; it's just that as a season opener for a show that's been on hiatus for TWO YEARS, it felt a bit like a letdown.
Luckily, The Sign of Three set everything right again for me and I think it skyrocketed to first place as my favourite Sherlock episode of all three seasons (even the mystery was good! Well done, show, well done!).

Now I need fics, angsty fanvids and angsty songs to make some angsty fanvids myself. Yeah.
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Nevermind The Empty Hearse, wasn't The Sign of Three AN AWESOME EPISODE OR WHAT?????????

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Have you guys read Bel Canto by bendingsignpost yet?


It's more or less Phantom of Opera-based (veeeery veeeery loosely), except you know how much I dislike the Phantom of the Opera, but THIS, THIS IS INCREDIBLY GOOD. I started reading it on my Kindle when I was in Venice, and this fic is so good and well-written that I almost ended up not visiting Venice at all, I just wanted to stay home and keep reading, I swear. And I was so in love with it that it drove me to buy a carnival mask there, even though I swore to myself that I wouldn't indulge in that kind of stupid tourist-y nonsense... but after this fic MASKS APPEARED SO FUCKING APPEALING TO ME I SWEAR TO GOD

And not only is the fic amazing, but, without spoiling too much, it revolves around an opera being written by Sherlock who's a composer in this fic, and some musicians and opera afficionados in the fandom have loved the fic and the descriptions of said opera in the fic so much that they're actually trying to compose it and make it real (and of course the opera in the fic is in Italian, so the people writing it are writing and composing in Italian. Holy fucking shit)! And some really good bel canto singers have tried singing it too!! Everything is here on this tumblr:

And here's an extract that I particularly love, it actually brought tears to my eyes:


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Billet Skyfall

So awesome. So awesome.

Today was the day of my birthday *party* (yes because I celebrate my birthday twice in a week that's just how I roll) and we went to see Skyfall in the morning.

Spoilers and other stuffs under the cut )
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what_alchemy's post on tumblr about ship-bashing in the fandom, READ IT, IT'S IMPORTANT:

Can I just say: GOD, THANK YOU and YES, THIS!

Also, a word to my fellow fangirls: you don't have to say "I ship them but I know they aren't like that in canon".

You don't have to make excuses. You can just stop at "I ship them." You don't know how they are in canon, nobody does, and the people who tell you otherwise are fools. Thank you for your attention.
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The lovely [ profile] topsecretum has translated Pussycat Pussycat or How Your Sherlock Learns in Korean here:

AND her friend Gi-Mil did an awfully cute and appropriate fanart to illustrate it, lookey lookey herrrrre:

I'm so spoiled! So so spoiled!
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And anyway I don't have any money so fuck it
Last night I dreamt that Benedict was giving me a foot massage, and guess what, he was good at it
I have a lot of stuff to do but I'm still going MAD from boredom
I need a new season of Top Chef why isn't there a new season of Top Chef I'd even settle for a new season of Top Chef Just Desserts the last French one was super dull except for the one time they invited Stéphanie back every single episode of French Top Chef should have Stéphanie in it
I don't know how to end this post so have a few recs of really good fics I've read lately (SPOILERS for Sherlock season 2):

With Patience He Stands Waiting by [ profile] emungere: it's Mycroft/Moriarty and she makes it work. Better yet, she makes canon work, when I thought canon on this particular point was absolute bullshit (Mycroft just handing out informations on Sherlock to Moriarty just because the guy won't talk? Come on). The two characters are absolutely pitch-perfect; Mycroft is a tough one to write well, so is Jim, and usually you can't get more than one very difficult caracter completely right in the same fic, and yet emungere aced it, their voices and interactions are all amazing and so cleverly thought-out. I'm wowed by this writer all over again.

Don't Explain by rotaryphones: A post-Reichenbach/Empty House fic which HURTS, and it HURTS SO GOOD. Fantastic angst, the kind of which you can't get enough because this is the first post-Reichenbach fic I've read where John's psychological recovery over Sherlock's return is so deep and tortuous, and where John appears very, very human. Great fic, can't wait for more.
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Previous (mainly fics) rec posts here, here and here FYI

I keep accumulating Sherlock fan stuff I want to rec, and I can never find the time to put up one big post, so I've decided I'll do it bits by bits. Here below is, as it is announced in the title of this post, fanvids, art recs and a fanmix rec.

I never knew daylight could be so violent )
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Finally (FINALLY!!!!) saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows yesterday with [ profile] berylia and [ profile] miiaah.

I'm not sure this is coherent enough to call it a "review", but there you have it )
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I'm a bit sick of people whining bitterly (particularly on Dumblr) about how Sherlock fans are only interested in porn and slash.
That is not true. Not that there's anything wrong with being only interested in porn and slash in my opinion, but it is. Not. True.
I'll be the first to admit that I love my porn. Most of my rec posts contain fics where Sherlock and John are going at it like rabbits, because I'm a sexual being, and that's the prism with which I view the world; I won't apologize for it.
But as it turns out, my favourite fic in the whole fandom is [ profile] rosa_acicularis 's The Anatomist. It's wonderfully written, it's not centered on a romantic relationship, there is no porn in it and not even hints of Sherlock/John. And I'm the biggest porn enthusiast and romantic schmoop I know. Go figure.
I can't even think of one fandom where people won't ask for moar porn in their comments and where porny fics are not more popular than plotty ones.
But I think we're actually doing fairly well in the Sherlock fandom. It's not perfect, I guess no fandom is, but it really is not that bad.
There are dark fics, casefics, funny comedy fics with no romantic relationship whatsoever, fics where Sherlock is 100% asexual and not touching John one bit -- or anyone else for that matter... and I know for a fact that some of them are quite popular, too. Like it or not, there is diversity in the Sherlock fandom, maybe more than in some others. Of course there is a crushing majority of Sherlock/John slash (and I'm the first to support it), but I don't agree with the picture those bitter fans are depicting where there is absolutely no place or recognition for anything else.
In this fandom, I wrote one fic where there was S/J porn (after several paragraphs of idiotic comedy involving spray bottles and giant crabs), one fic that was mainly about food with a bit of slash in the end with nothing more explicit than a kiss between Sherlock and John, one fic about Mycroft's brotherly relationship to Sherlock with a mini-squinty hint at a possible romantic relationship between Sherlock and John, and one ficlet about nothing in particular, just Sherlock and John drinking tea on New Year's Day.
I consider that they all got a good deal of appreciation from readers, each at their own level, and I didn't even get one comment about making any of the ones that didn't contain sex "more porny", and I didn't feel any underlying frustration in any comment either.
So I don't know what the people who complain about that are actually doing, but maybe, MAYBE they're doing it wrong, and it has nothing to do with rabidly horny fans looking desperately for slash and porn everywhere.

Sorry about the rant, but I got really annoyed in ways I didn't even expect and I had to write about it.
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That's right bitches

Slashy tights under the cut ;D )

I have the best, most talented and outstanding friends anyone could ever dream of. Except now I have to learn how to walk with my legs drawn (pun not intended) together all the time.

Rec time!

Nov. 11th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Hello Gleeks of my f-list, it's that time of the year where I ask for Puck/Kurt fic recs again. Do you have any for me? Gimme gimme pleaaaaase!

As for the Sherlockians of my f-list, I wanted to ask: has anyone read this book:

And is it any good? I started reading the beginning at the bookshop and saw that Watson was married (okay) and had at least a child with Mary Morstan (wait, what?) which put me off a bit and made me replace it on the bookshelf. But the thing is, I usually like Anthony Horowitz's books and since I'll be travelling soon, I need something to read on the plane; I'm just kind of reluctant to read something that would kill any hope of slash between Holmes and Watson (don't judge me, I'm a hopeless fangirl)...

tl;dr I need a fellow fangirl/boy's opinion on this plz.
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This is a scene from Meet Me Inside which is an absolutely fantastic fic by wakeneve on AO3, go read it, it's brilliant; and the scene in question is one of the hottest I've read in all fandom.

Rating: NC-17 (VERY porny), fandom: BBC Sherlock, pairing: Sherlock/John, warnings: graphic (oral) sex, made by me.


Quand du bout de la langue / Je la lèche, elle tangue / Fumante elle frémit sous la morsure / De mon dentier Hé Hé )
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I originally prepared this fanmix for a genderbent Sherlock/John fic which I wanted to write and which is still lying around in bits on my hard drive, but then I don't know if I'll ever get the time to finish writing it. Anyway, the fanmix is pretty much standalone, since to me it tells the whole story of girl!Sherlock and girl!John, up until the Empty House. Also note that the title of this fanmix (and my head!canon of girlSherlock and girl!John) has been inspired by this drawing by [ profile] naive_wanderer which I consider to be the most successful representation of genderbent Sherlock and John to date.
The cover of the fanmix is a bit weird -- I'm not very good at those :(

Dès... les premières... lueurs... oh je sombre )
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PARIS! You stinking, stupid, nasty old whore of a city, I can't believe this: I've actually missed you! The other reason I'm glad to be back is that I will finally be able to get to serious work again.

I have two commissions to finish, one for [ profile] mlyn  and one for [ profile] ivyblossom , but before that, girls, allow me to post some Sherlock/John because it's been a LONG time, and I've missed drawing our boys, so much it hurt.

Below the cut is a little obsession of mine: any mention of Sherlock and John growing old together is enough to make me horribly emotional and start crying rivers. I dunno, I think the reason I love them so much as an OTP is that I think it's really possible, unlike any other couple; they fit so much together that the image of them old and still in love is tangible, very real. Also, it's canon, so it doesn't get any better than this, right?
So, sketches of old!Sherlock and old!John under the cut, here they are:

But all the promises we make/from the cradle to the grave/when all I want is you )

I'll do a painting based on the first sketch and post it later (maybe tomorrow), it's been a long time since I've touched gouache too.
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A little porny thing I drew to celebrate the fact that I had 150 followers on tumblr. I won't do it with every 50 people more deciding to follow the tumblr, but I happen to like the number 150 -- it's the number of the issue in which Mytho will premiere, hee.

So, anyway: Sherlock/? (it can be whoever you want, really. I'd personnally go for Sherlock/John but you can have fun imagining to whom the hand in the picture belongs); Not Safe For Work, NC-17.

A blueprint Of the pleasure In me )
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No horrible nightmares, just a really good day today. I know how to treat myself well.

So yeah, I've finally started reading A Study In Scarlet, and I'm surprised myself at how much I love it. Of course I'm very aware that fandom has ruined me forever because I'm reading it as if it were a fanfic and squeeing pretty much at every page, but still. Gatiss, Moffat, Ritchie, just... make them gay officially, okay? Like, married and shit. ACD would approve like a mofo from the depths of his grave, I swear. EVEN IN CANON THEY ARE SO ADORABLE TOGETHER I CAN'T EVEN.

No Sunday Porn today because I'm smashed because of all the sun and fresh air, my life is so hard. But I'll probably have stuff to show you tomorrow.
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And done.

So, as I said in the previous post, art trade with [ profile] pollums , she asked for Sherlock with short Cumberhair (reference here), and Sherlock/John of course. I hope you'll like it dear, and that I haven't overworked it too much ^^;;;


Fandom: BBC Sherlock, pairing: Sherlock/John, rating: NC-17, NSFW, made by moi.

Baby, can you handle this? )
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Ça ne va concerner que les francophones de ma f-list, mais bon, osef; juste pour dire que je peux plus m'arrêter de rire quand j'imagine que c'est John qui chante cette chanson à propos de Sherlock:

Pada-pa-pa-padadada )
(et j'ai tendance aussi à imaginer que Sherlock lui chante en retour "Ce soir tu vas prendre" XDDDD)

J'aurais bien aimé faire une fanvid mais bon, c'est un peu trop private joke et j'ai des trucs vachement plus inutiles à faire, comme les persos de Mytho en gif animés de 15 frames, par exemple.


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